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Professional Songwriting Masterclass Series

24 x LIVE Pro Production Masterclass | Ableton

Access only for our Platinum Mentoring Students

Record, mix and master your own songs with Ableton
24 x LIVE Pro Masterclass every 2 weeks
A year of direct access to a world class producer
Access to replay videos

Record, mix and master your own songs with Ableton Live, guided by top producer and Ableton software developer Sie Medway-Smith (Rita Ora, U2, David Guetta and more)

24 x 90 minute masterclasses in real-time then available on replay

“Let me show you how fun and easy to use Ableton Live can be!”

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Sie says…

I have been using Ableton Live in my workflow for more than fifteen years. Whether I’m songwriting, producing, mixing or simply trying out ideas with friends or band mates, Ableton Live gives me the tools to achieve what I need to do in a fluid and flexible way.

Live is an intuitive interface with more than one way to get ideas out of your head and into the real world. This 24 week course will take you step by step from the very basics of getting set up all the way to more advanced concepts such as audio and midi manipulation.

Every two weeks for a whole year, I will be teaching you the Ableton Live how to’s, do’s and don’ts that I have learnt over the many years I’ve been using and teaching it.

This course is aimed at aspiring songwriters, musicians, producers or anyone that doesn’t always fit the mold, giving you the tools to take your music, whether acoustic or electronic to the next level by filling in the gaps.

I have successfully used Ableton Live in my workflow from writing sessions with Rita Ora or taking artists such as David Guetta and Rudimental from the studio to the stage. Mixing albums and projects for the likes of Björk to Depeche Mode to name a few.

Knowing how to use Ableton Live fluently has been one of the key ingredients to these successes. Join me for 24 sessions of know-how and knowledge, looking forward to seeing you there!

Sie x


24 x Pro Production Masterclass Series | Ableton Live starts April 5 2021

8:00pm London | 3:00pm Eastern | 2:00pm Central | Midday Pacific

Sooo, what time does the course start where I live?


What will I get from the series..? Glad you asked!

Easy to manage course work

Just like a foreign language, you can't speed-learn production. That's why we've made this course to fit into your life so you can learn without pressure. You'll join a live masterclass every 2 weeks and be set an assignment. That gives you plenty of time to work on the assignment and watch the replay video before the next masterclass. No stress and no overwhelm!

Start learning how to record your songs immediately

You'll be learning step by step the simple way to immediately start using Ableton Live to create music from the very first session.

Get access to top producer Sie Medway-Smith

Sie Medway Smith has an incredible track record and will show you in his amazing live masterclasses how he helped create music for Rita Ora, U2, David Guetta and many more world famous artists. This is your chance to get direct access to Sie for a whole year!

Get answers to your music business questions

At the end of every live masterclass there's a Q&A session where you'll be able to get the answers you need to your questions. You can ask Sie anything you like, from production techniques to recording vocals, plug ins, mixing and mastering, and much more.

Get feedback on your work

Get valuable peer-to-peer feedback on your tracks and production, plus share tips and techniques in our exclusive Pro Ableton Masterclass Feedback Loop in a private area of The Songwriting Academy community. This is for Ableton Masterclass students only.

Build a professional network of like-minded people

Networking is essential in the music business and as a serious songwriter, artist or producer, you need to do it! That's why this course is so much more than 'education'. It's giving you vital connections to other like-minded songwriters, producers and artists around the world with a shared goal of success.

Regular assignments to keep you motivated

In these carefully designed masterclasses, Sie will be setting you assignments to work on during every masterclass which you will post in the Pro Ableton Masterclass Feedback Loop for feedback and discussion with your peers. You'll be given so many new techniques to practice , goals to work towards, as well as a regular motivational kick in the pants.

Watch live or later

Don't worry if you can't make all the live masterclasses, or if you join the course partway through. We'll be uploading replay videos for you to watch anytime at your leisure, along with useful time cues to help you navigate to your favourite sections, plus any additional course notes or downloads. You'll have lifetime access to all 24 webinars.

Two pay option

We're also going to make things easier for those of you who can't afford the full payment instantly. We'll give you the option of two-pay for this course, meaning 50% payment to get started and then 50% payment 30 days later. There is a surcharge for this but we hope it makes things easier.

Your mentor...

Pay less than £0.20 pence ($0.30 cents) a minute to learn LIVE from a top producer

My goal is to help as many songwriters and producers around the world as possible so although the course is valued at £1995.00 I’m making 24 x 90 minute masterclasses available for the you NOW at just £395.00

Think about that for a moment…that’s less than £0.20 pence ($0.30 cents)/minute to learn from a world class producer in a live class!

Why not make it a bundle?

This course will be running alongside two other Masterclass Series from The Songwriting Academy

Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series (Season 2)

Pro Production Masterclass Series | Logic Pro X

We’ll offer you the chance at checkout to add courses together so you can save and learn even more!

If you enrol in this live course you can join right NOW for just £395.00, but this is only for a limited number of serious songwriters.

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Pro Production Masterclass Series | Ableton Live

5 April 2021Set upLive overview: Instruments/clips/samples/preferences/optimising your workflow
219 April 2021Overview: Session view/Arrangement view Reasons for both whatever your flow/songwriting/music creation/live performance
33 May 2021Working with Live SetsFile structures/sharing sets (projects)/exporting/bouncing stems
417 May 2021Working in Session ViewControls/clips/scenes/audio/midi capture (dropping in)/quantising
531 May 2021Working in Arrangement ViewControls/audio/midi capture (dropping in)/quantising
614 June 2021Working with audio (recordings)Fades/editing/warping (warp markers)/transpose/time stretch algorithms
728 June 2021ArrangementMoving between Session and Arrangement view/CPU management/freezing tracks/editing audio and midi
812 July 2021Instruments and devicesSearching/auditioning/pre-sets/saving pre-sets
926 July 2021Live’s mixerOverview/workflow/grouping tracks/Bus/Aux send and return routing/re-sampling/headphone cues/bouncing audio (rendering tracks)
109 August 2021Audio FX Part 1What are audio FX/EQ/compression/saturation
1123 August 2021Audio FX Part 2Reverb/delay/time-based FX/impulse response/software modelling explained
1213 September 2021Midi FXArpeggiators/chord scale/grooves/audio to midi conversion
1327 September 2021RacksAudio/midi FX racks/instrument racks/drum racks/randomisation/ variations
1411 October 2021MappingMidi mapping/key mapping/assigning macros
1525 October 2021AutomationRecording automation/clip automation/LFO
168 November 2021Beat-making workshopMidi Drums/drum machines/chopping loops
1722 November 2021Simpler and samplerOverview/audio to midi recap/one shot/slice /mode/warping samples
186 December 2021Live’s instrumentsOverview/analog/drum/synth/wavetable
1920 December 2021Ableton LinkOverview/external devices/I.D.A./jamming, collaboration
2010 January 2022CompingCreating the perfect take/audio and midi/vocals/drums/guitars
2124 January 2022Follow tempoOverview/tempo syncing with live musicians/DJ’s/recordings
227 February 2022Just add humanBringing chance/velocity/groove to your recordings/MPE explained
2321 February 2022Follow actionsFrom the studio to the stage/working with scenes
247 March 2022Mixing in LiveGain staging/balancing tracks/planning a mix/bouncing tracks re-cap

OK, let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

The first session is 5 April 2021 but you can join anytime afterwards as all of the sessions will be available on replay video for you to catch up.
The sessions are broadcast live every two weeks
Every session you will join a LIVE 90 minute zoom session at 8PM London time. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE BEFORE YOU BOOK!
At the end of every session is a Q&A session where you will be able to ask Sie your questions. Sie wants to help you as much as he can!
Definitely! Ask Sie to tell you the time during the session if you want proof!
We'll be setting assignments at the end of each session, most of which are solo, but if you want to work in groups that's great too!
Absolutely! This course will teach you from the ground up. The techniques are professional, but delivered in a way that you will see immediate progress in your production.
The assignments will be simple but VERY effective, and are designed to help you make steady and constant progress. We've given you two weeks between classes so you have plenty of time to do the assignments.
Laptop or Desktop Computer (Mac OS or Windows PC) Ableton Live 11 Suite (Free Trail for 90 days) Midi Keyboard Controller, good affordable examples from, Arturia, Novation, Akai Audio interface, good affordable examples from, Focusrite, Apogee, Motu, SSL Microphone, XLR or USB good affordable examples from Shure (SM58/ MV88) and Aston Mic’s (Spirt/ Stealth) Ableton Push Controller Optional (Not required for the course)
Nope. Although you are very welcome to post your songs in the Pro Songwriting Masterclass Feedback Loop in our community for peer to peer feedback.
Some basic keyboard skills would be great!
Check your emails! We'll be sending you instructions on how to join the course, plus reminders closer to the course start!
YES! You'll have lifetime access to all 24 Masterclasses.
Please check your spam and junk boxes. Once you find our email and tell your email system we are not junk you should receive everything after that. If there is nothing in spam or junk and you are worried, please email [email protected]
Once you have enrolled in the course, create a profile in our community which you can access from the front page of our website. We'll then be able to add you to the private Pro Production Ableton Feedback Loop.
No, its a private group in our community where access is only given to students on the course. Everything you post will be invisible to people outside of the course.
Don't worry! If you can't make the times, you can watch the replay videos back at any time and still take part in the assignments.
Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be automatically added to private areas of the website and given special login details for the course. As such, no refunds may be given.

*Although we’ve never had to do it, The Songwriting Academy does reserve the right to change guest panellists if we really have to.