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48 x LIVE Pro Songwriting Masterclass | Season 2

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An exclusive series of 48 interactive weekly LIVE online masterclasses from the world’s top songwriters, producers
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Do you want to be a better songwriter, or maybe want to know why your songs aren’t getting in the charts when others are? Do you have a catalogue of songs, but don’t know how to get them ‘out there’? If yes, read on, this is the course for you! If you don’t think there’s anything else you need to learn, please move on. We’re only looking for serious songwriters, artists and producers to be part of this group.

The most important thing I’ve discovered over the decades of being a hit songwriter is that we never can know enough about this beautiful craft. I never stop learning and it still gives me a massive buzz when I discover new techniques from other writers and producers. I know I can’t maintain chart success all on my own, and I know that neither can you.

Since starting The Songwriting Academy I’ve also realised that many people do not have the funds to pay for expensive University courses, and if they do, the course often falls short of the mark with an out of date syllabus, and an out of date tutor…

That’s why I’ve created this affordable course for dedicated songwriters anywhere in the world. I want to make this affordable so you can have success. Why? Because when you succeed so does The Songwriting Academy. I want to be able to say “That’s one of our students!” when you are storming the charts.


48 x Pro Songwriting Masterclasses start April 4 2021

8:00pm London | 3:00pm Eastern | 2:00pm Central | Midday Pacific

Sooo, what time does the course start where I live?


What will I get from the series..? Glad you asked!

Start improving your songwriting immediately

You'll be learning mind-blowing hit songwriting techniques live from some of the best songwriters on the planet, with an assignment that week to practice those same techniques yourself.

Get access to top level industry professionals straight away

Our multi-platinum award winning songwriters, producers and music business gurus are all ready RIGHT NOW to welcome you with open arms and share their experience and and knowledge with you. It really does pay to know the right people...

Get answers to your music business questions

At the end of every live masterclass there's a Q&A session where you'll be able to get the answers you need to your questions. You can ask our music business gurus about songwriting splits, publishing deals, being an indie artist, social media and much more...

Get feedback on your songs and production

Get valuable peer-to-peer feedback on your songs, lyrics and production, plus share tips and techniques in our exclusive Pro Songwriting Masterclass Feedback Loop in a private area of The Songwriting Academy community. This is for Masterclass students only.

Build a professional network of like-minded people

This course is so much more than education. It's giving you vital connections to hit songwriters, producers and music business gurus, as well as a like-minded network of people around the world with a shared goal of success.

Weekly assignments to keep you motivated

In these carefully designed masterclasses, our experts will be setting you assignments to work on every week which you will post in the Pro Songwriting Masterclass Feedback Loop for feedback and discussion with your peers. You'll be given so many new techniques to practice , goals to work towards, as well as a regular motivational kick in the pants.

Watch live or later

Don't worry if you can't make all the live masterclasses, or if you join the course partway through. We'll be uploading replay videos for you to watch anytime at your leisure, along with useful time cues to help you navigate to your favourite sections, plus any additional course notes or downloads. You'll have lifetime access to all 48 webinars.

Two pay option

We're also going to make things easier for those of you who can't afford the full payment instantly. We'll give you the option of two-pay for this course, meaning 50% payment to get started and then 50% payment 30 days later. There is a surcharge for this but we hope it makes things easier.

Your mentors...

What I’ve done for you

To make this happen, I spoke to my buddies in the music business (who are all still HUGELY successful), and asked them if they would be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the next wave of hitmakers. And…I offered to pay them way more than pretty much any University or College in the world if they would! The prospect of getting to talk about what they love, AND being paid top dollar for the privilege is something they jumped at, and the course was born. They are ready and waiting for you.


When it came to pricing I had to fight for you! Colleagues all around me have been telling me I should make it WAY more expensive than it is, because of the quality of material and the calibre of the lecturers. I did my research and as an example looked at Berklee Online, charging around $1500 for a 12 week course covering just one subject. I’m sure there’s probably something to be learnt from this and their other courses but only if you have that kind of money to spend. If so, go check them out and see how they compare to us.

Despite what they told me, I have gone against everyone’s advice and decided to charge only £499.00 for all 48 live masterclasses, but only for a limited number of serious songwriters.

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Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series | Season 2

14 April 2021Paddy ByrneTHE POWER OF PROCESS: Learning deep focus, patient persistence and prioritising
211 April 2021 Paul StathamRHYME SCHEMES: How to make your lyrics unforgettable
318 April 2021Rob WellsTHE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: How to take your song from being GOOD to being GREAT, then to being a HIT!
425 April 2021Larry DvoskinSYNC LICENSING: How to place your songs in film, tv soundtracks and commercials
52 May 2021Jonathan LiESSENTIAL DIGITAL STRATEGY 101: How to maximise everything you do online
69 May 2021Charlie GrantFINDING YOUR VOICE: How to write better lyrics
716 May 2021Eliza Carthy MBEOLD IS NEW: Drawing modern inspiration from traditional music
823 May 2021Jez AshurstBEAT IT! Playing with rhythm and phrasing in your songs
930 May 2021Lee DannayPUBLISHING: How, when and why you should sign a publishing deal
106 June 2021Vincent CorverPRO PIANO ARRANGEMENT: How to make your piano parts sound amazing in the pop/dance music genre
1113 June 2021JR SchumannGREAT EXPECTATIONS: How to get your music on US radio
1220 June 2021Paul StathamGETTING THE SONGS OUT OF YOUR HEAD! Starting your song with just a melody
1327 June 2021Paddy ByrneTHE SONG OF YOUR LIFE: finding and using your authenticity
1411 July 2021Rob WellsTHE LIFE OF THE HIT SONGWRITER: And how to reach it and live it yourself!
1518 July 2021Larry DvoskinRELATIONSHIPS: The difference between lifelong partnerships vs networking
1625 July 2021Jonathan LiYOUTUBE 101: How to optimise your videos, reach and engagement on YouTube
171 August 2021Charlie GrantTHE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE: How to keep things unpredictable within standard song structure
188 August 2021Andrew RollinsTALKING SONG: How to make your lyrics effortlessly conversational
1915 August 2021Lee DannayA&R DEEP DIVE: The A&R process and how it differs in major and indie labels
2022 August 2021Cliff MastersonARE THOSE LIVE STRINGS? How to make strings sound real and live in a demo recording
2129 August 2021Eliza Carthy MBETHE INDIE ARTIST: Releasing your music as an independent artist
225 September 2021Paul StathamMURDER BALLADS: How to write them using the narrative style
2312 September 2021Paddy ByrneFROM BALLADS TO BEATS: Writing connected and emotional up-tempo songs from ballads
2419 September 2021Rob WellsWRITING WITH THE ARTIST: How to write when there's an artist in the room with you
2526 September 2021Larry DvoskinARTIST, SONGWRITER or BOTH? Are you writing for your own solo career or to have others record your work?
263 October 2021Ari BergerSO YOU WANT A RECORD DEAL? When are you ready to sign a record deal and what's the process?
2710 October 2021Charlie GrantTHE POWER OF RIFFS! From Black Sabbath to Kygo, what makes an undeniable repeating melodic hook?
2817 October 2021Jez AshurstBREAK IT DOWN: How to deconstruct a hit song and everything you can learn from it
2924 October 2021Lee DannayPUBLISHING DEEP DIVE: How publishing income streams work, from mechanicals to streaming to performance to sync
3031 October 2021Jez AshurstTHE AABA SONG: Writing hits using the AABA song structure
317 November 2021Paul StathamTOPLINING 101: Starting your song with just a beat
3214 November 2021Paddy ByrneACCEPTING EXCELLENCE EARLY: Cutting through fear and resistance to create your best work
3321 November 2021Rob WellsPLAY NICELY: Essential music business code of conduct
3428 November 2021Larry DvoskinLOCATION LOCATION: Where do you Live? How musical lightning strikes at different times & places in the world.
355 December 2021JR SchumannTHE LIFE CYCLE OF A US RADIO HIT: From one local spin to national playlisting
3612 December 2021Jonathan LiTHE FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media essentials moving into 2022
3719 December 2021Charlie GrantLEARN FROM THE MASTERS: 10 songwriting tricks you can learn from The Beatles.
389 January 2022Cliff MastersonPOP STRINGS: The subtle art of orchestration for pop records
3916 January 2022Lee DannayTHE PATH OF THE ARTIST: Steps to getting a deal and navigating an album release in today's music industry
4023 January 2022Eliza Carthy MBENEW FOLK: How Traditional music is affecting the global charts right now
4130 January 2022Paul StathamTHE SAD SONG: Analysing the structure, lyrical shape and melodic shape of the classic 'sad song'
426 February 2022Paddy ByrneTHE WRITER'S PATH: Fulfilment, reward and truth
4313 February 2022Rob WellsEMPOWERMENT: Writing lyrics from a position of strength
4420 February 2022James BryanCHORDS IN HIT SONGS: Chord patterns that span the decades of global success
4527 February 2022Charlie GrantHIT SONG THEMES: What they say about an artist and how to make the universal sound original
466 March 2022Jez AshurstHAPPY XMAS! How and when to start writing Xmas songs
4713 March 2022Cliff MastersonCLASSICAL CROSSOVER: How and why so many people write for this massive market
4820 March 2022Ari BergerBUILDING THE ARTIST: What is a development deal and what does the label actually do to build the artist?

OK, let’s do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day you will join a LIVE 60 minute zoom session at 8PM London time. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE BEFORE YOU BOOK!
At the end of every session is a Q&A session where you will be able to ask your questions to the mentors. We aim to help you as much as we can this week.
Definitely! Ask us to tell you the time during the session if you want proof!
We'll be setting assignments at the end of each session, most of which are solo, but if you want to work in groups that's great too!
Absolutely! The techniques we teach are professional, but delivered in a way that you will see immediate progress in your songwriting.
The assignments we set you are simple, fast and easy but VERY effective, and will challenge you in new ways to show you how you can become a professional songwriter with the right approach.
Not at all. Just show up with an open mind, heart and a willingness to try new things. No other preparation is needed!
Nope. Although you are very welcome to post your songs in the Pro Songwriting Masterclass Feedback Loop in our community for peer to peer feedback.
Yes you really should. The smartest songwriters we know are always open to learning new skills and reminding themselves of skills they may have forgotten, even when they've been in the business for decades. If you think you know everything there is to know...we suggest doing another job!
No! Whether you write lyrics, music, sing, produce or simply come up with amazing concepts, you are all songwriters.
Check your emails! We'll be sending you instructions on how to join the course, plus reminders closer to each session.
YES! You'll have lifetime access to all 48 Masterclasses.
Please check your spam and junk boxes. Once you find our email and tell your email system we are not junk you should receive everything after that. If there is nothing in spam or junk and you are worried, please email [email protected]
Once you have enrolled in the course, make sure you have created a profile in our community which you can access from the front page of our website. We'll then be able to add you to the private Pro Songwriting Masterclass Season 2 Feedback Loop.
No, its a private group in our community where access is only given to students on the course. Everything you post will be invisible to people outside of the course.
Don't worry! If you can't make the times, you can watch the replay videos back at any time and still take part in the assignments.
Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be automatically added to private areas of the website and given special login details for the course. As such, no refunds may be given.

*Although we’ve never had to do it, The Songwriting Academy does reserve the right to change guest panellists if we really have to.