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Platinum Mentoring Program

Imagine the coolest music university ever. A university where the teaching is tailored to YOU. Where anyone of any age, ability and genre can spend a whole year learning about anything they want, whether it be songwriting, production, how to be an artist, or how to be a music business executive…it’s totally your choice.

The coolest music university would certainly need the most successful faculty in the world, where all the tutors are still wildly successful and having hits in the music industry right now, and really want to share their wisdom.

And who wants to show up to a stuffy classroom 5 days a week for weeks at a time? No, it would be more the kind of place where you could learn from anywhere in the world, at anytime, and even keep a full time job going at the same time if you want. But you’d still want to be able to network person to person with high rollers in the music business and other like-minded, highly driven creatives just like you, right?

And how about a week in a rural village in sunny Spain? The sort of holiday where you’re writing with and learning from multi-million selling songwriters, spending balmy evenings listening to their stories and sharing songs and conversations?

Why stop there? With focussed booster courses during the year where you can meet, learn, practice and co-write with other global students for several days at a time, with a chance to ‘hang’ in the evenings online and listen to each others songs (like an online ‘retreat’) you would have the perfect way to build your song catalogue while getting expert guidance from major players in the business.

For songwriters the icing on the cake would have to be getting sent live song briefs for major label artists from around the world, and being able to pitch your songs to them directly through a major publisher.

What about cost? Well in a perfect world it has to be more affordable than the “other” universities…because we all know how expensive they can be. Would you agree?

So imagine the coolest music university ever where you can get affordable professional help all the way. From making your songs the very best they can be, then making sure the production is awesome, then getting you and your music out there to help you build a long term career in the business.

Thankfully you don’t have to imagine this kind of university any more.

We’ve created it, and it’s called The Platinum Mentoring Program.

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Personal Program
Personal Program

The Platinum Mentoring Program is all about you. The first thing we do is ask you to complete the Platinum Intake form so we find out about you as a person. We’ll ask out about your lifestyle so we can understand how much time you can apply to the course, and what other commitments you have that might affect how you work. We want to know where you feel you need the most help too, as this will help us tailor your course so it suits you perfectly.

And most importantly, as we’re going to be helping you reach your goals, we need to know what your ultimate goals are.

We’ll also ask you to provide us with some of your current music so we can listen closely to find out where your strengths lie, and which areas need making stronger, then we’ll arrange your Induction 1:1 call with us so we can really get to know you.

During the Induction 1:1 call we’ll be going into depth about your goals so we can then start to map out a focussed path for you. Do you want to stand front of stage at the O2 Arena or simply write a song you can be proud of?

Once we know where you’re at and where you want to be, we can start to map a path out for you to maximise your time with us. We believe in working smart, not hard. And most importantly it must be fun.

Once we have a plan, we’ll guide you step by step through your year with us, setting achievable goals for you during the monthly 1-2-1 coaching session over Skype with our faculty members. You can use these 1-2-1 sessions to talk about songwriting, production, social media, branding, music business or even speak to one of our wellness coaches about mindset and approach. It’s your time.

We also want to save you money and time. So before you rush into getting a new song fully produced, we ask you to record a basic demo for our ears only. Send us the song and we’ll have one of our multi-million selling pro songwriters give you a full appraisal.

You’ll get an in depth analysis of the song structure, the lyrical and musical content and an over-arching view of the piece as a whole. We’ll tell you what we love about it and changes we would suggest to make the song even stronger. You then have the chance to re-write your song with expert advice behind you, then re-submit it for a second appraisal with the same pro.

Even though we may suggest changes you like and use, you’ll still retain 100% of the ownership of the copyright.

When you and the pro songwriter are punching the air about the song, you’re ready to record it fully and get it out there!

Oh and when you have it produced, you can send it back to us for a production appraisal with a pro producer to make sure the recording is as awesome as the song!

You needn’t worry about age, ability, skill set or experience. After years of teaching aspirant songwriters, we know the most important thing you can have is passion for your craft.

We’ve trained everyone from million selling artists to complete novices, and we have the same level of respect for all of our students.


With the most successful music faculty in the world, you are going to be given a massive head start and the very best guidance available on how to write, record and release your music.

No one says you have to take the advice our mentors give you, but when it’s backed up by over three quarters of a billion record sales and over 5 billion streams, it just might be worth listening to.

We’ve chosen our faculty very, very carefully. You’ll find huge names in songwriting, production, the music business, social media, branding and legal, but also the very much overlooked field of mental health and wellbeing. We want to make sure you’re supported in every aspect of what you do.

Check out our faculty here



Can you think of any other university that would rent an entire village in Spain for a week, fill it with 36 songwriters and give everyone the opportunity to spend one of the days writing with one of four multi-million selling songwriters? Welcome to The Songwriting Academy!

These events are so popular we now run three every year in a beautiful village in the Andalusian Hills. We’ve lost count of the amount of people who have described the week as life changing…

See full details here

Note: Due to COVID-19, our Songwriting Retreats are only available for our Platinum Students



Throughout your year with us in the Platinum Mentoring Program you’ll have free access to all of our events and courses.

And one of the coolest things about your program is that no matter where you are in the world you can still be present at all of our events, whether it’s through online live streaming at our in-person seminars and conferences or as part of one of our interactive webinars. We’d love you to be there in person but don’t worry if you can’t because we record everything for you to refer back to at any time during your program.

Our latest addition is our weekly Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series. We know how easy it is to lose your mojo so every Monday we have expert lecturers on hand delivering a weekly masterclass and Q&A, with assignments to help you develop.

Check out more of our courses here.


Every time you interact with one of the major players in our faculty, you’re building a new connection with a successful, established member of the music industry. Be cool with them and chances are they’ll be introducing you to their friends, and your network will build in front of your eyes. Before you know it you’ll be one of the crew.

We’ll also introduce you to like-minded people around the world to collaborate with, through our recommendation, and also through our worldwide community forum with an exclusive professional private platinum members area.

You can also meet people at our online open mic nights. Your tribe are waiting to say hi and get working together on new hit songs.

See our open mics here


We wanted to give songwriters and artists absolutely everything they need when we created The Songwriting Academy. That’s why we have brought on board one of the music industry’s top publishers to help you get you and your songs out there.

That means you’ll be on an exclusive list where every week you will be sent live briefs for international major label artists which you’ll have the opportunity to submit your songs for.

It may be a completely new song that’s needed or a killer singer and top-line written to a ready-made track. But come up with the right pitch and your music will be submitted to the people you could only ever dream of getting to.


There’s never an excuse not to be learning with The Songwriting Academy. We have a library of hundreds of hours of past seminars, webinars, and interviews with music business luminaries for you to learn from.

Want to start producing or improve your production skills? Dive in to our Production Training Suite where you’ll find dozens of bespoke online tutorials, and if you can’t find what you need, our multi platinum producer will create a video tutorial just for you.

With our anytime support you can ask us anything, anytime and one of our mentors will come back to you with the exact information you need.

Want even more motivation? We have a catalogue of songwriting challenges to keep you going right through the year.


For the of you who are super serious about their music, the Platinum Elite Program is for you.

Our Elite students are currently enjoying not one but two Songwriting Retreats in Spain during their year with us, where they are writing with two multi million selling mentors on each retreat. Guaranteed.

They are also invited into an exclusive 3-way writing session and full recording session with a songwriter/producer faculty member, completely free of charge.

That means five co-writes with top songwriters in one year. Imagine how that would look when you present your catalogue to a publisher.

Elite students also enjoy an extra 1-2-1 session with one of our senior faculty every month, plus 4 extra Elite training days during the year

And whenever one of our Elite students needs help, they have a hotline to The Songwriting Academy team.


The Platinum Mentoring Program starts at just £4,997 for the whole year so it’s no surprise we’re inundated with applications but even though it’s so affordable, we don’t allow just anyone to sign up.

We’re looking for people who are driven, good to work with and passionate about their music. It’s not about your experience level. It’s about who you are, not what you’ve done.

The selection process is finalised with an admissions interview to make sure the match between you and The Songwriting Academy is a good one. If you’re successful in gaining a place you can start straight away with us.

If you are willing to do what it takes, and do the work to get there, complete the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can to let you know if you have been successful in reaching the interview stage.