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One-to-One Songwriting Mentoring Sessions

One-to-one songwriting mentoring from platinum selling music industry mentors

Professional music mentors dedicated to helping you progress your music career

Collaboration and networking are key in the music industry. The best way to get ahead is to work with those who have already made it. That’s why we developed these one-to-one sessions with our platinum record-selling mentors.

Our one-to-one sessions are held monthly and designed to help you develop your talents as a songwriter, regardless of your experience in the industry. As part of the platinum membership service, these sessions are the perfect place to show off your current career, as well as receive advice on how to improve it.

Whether it’s explanations of what makes a killer hook in a song or a simple step-by-step guide on how to navigate through a publishing deal safely, our mentors have the knowledge and first-hand experience to pass on to you.

We’re also dedicated to getting you where you want to be. All we ask in return is that you’re motivated, enthusiastic, and confident enough to believe you can make it!

What will I learn?

Since your music ability and goals will be different from the next songwriter, each session is personalised towards you. Our mentors all specialise in their own niche and this collaboration means that we can cover whatever issues that you might be facing in your career.

You’ll learn a variety of things from our one-to-one songwriting mentoring sessions, including:

  • Getting advice on writing better songs
  • Finding out how to make your music sound more professional
  • Discovering how to catch the eye of publishing and record companies
  • Understanding and properly marketing your talents
  • Ensuring the deals you make are beneficial for you
  • How to use current marketing opportunities to become more popular

Meet our music industry mentors

All our mentors have carved out their own place in the music industry, won platinum record-selling awards, and have years of experience working with the big names in the industry.

Ian Dench – Songwriter
Ian was the primary songwriter and guitarist of the hit 90s band EMF and has worked with other massive names, including Beyonce and Shakira. His incredible ability to transform songs into hits makes him a valuable addition to the one-to-one mentorship program and you’ll learn how to develop your own music under his guidance.

Pam Sheyne – Songwriter
Best known for writing the hit song “Genie In A Bottle” for Christina Aguilera, Pam’s music career is an endless list of success. With sales of over 50 million records, credentials on film compositions and music scores, and a coveted Ivor Novello award to her name, Pam’s one of the most in-demand mentors on the membership program.

Charlie Dore – Songwriter
Although considered as one of the UK’s top songwriters, Charlie’s career stretches into many other parts of the industry. She’s an actress in TV, film and radio, as well as a composer for orchestral pieces of music. She’s a fantastic mentor and her students always come away with something to improve their music with.

Dominic King – Songwriter
Having written records for huge artists such as Chaka Khan, Bette Midler, Madonna, Stardust and the Black Eyed Peas, Dominic is one of the best songwriting mentors available on the platinum membership. He’ll always make suggestions on how to improve your music, develop killer hooks that get noticed, and transform your music into a potential chart-topper.

Paul Statham – Songwriter
Paul is best known for his work with the artist Dido, on both her first single and breakthrough album “No Angel”. He’s also written two hits for Kylie Minogue and has collaborated with numerous other artists such as Gabriella Cilmi, The Saturdays, Matt Cardle and Rachel Stevens. He always offers fantastic insights into improving your music and is a serious benefit to the mentorship program.

Luc Floreani – Management
Luc is known as one of the most in-demand international songwriters and managers and has worked with artists including Amy Winehouse, Kasabian, Sam Smith, Blake and many others.
His mentoring sessions are a perfect mix of songwriting and managing advice and all our students find his teaching to be useful, accurate and effective.

Danny Roberts – A&R
Danny is the A&R mastermind at Decca Records and acts as a mentor for students looking to find out more about catching the eye of recording and publishing labels. He knows what the labels are looking for and how you can adjust your music to better suit. Danny’s advice has helped dozens of our students find a way to further their career.

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