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One-to-One Songwriting Mentoring Sessions

One-to-one songwriting mentoring from platinum selling music industry mentors

One to one sessions with professional music mentors dedicated to helping you progress your music career

Once we’ve listened carefully to your songs and found out where you’re at with your music we’ll then talk to you and find out what your short and long-term goals are. We’ll then set about creating a path with you to help you achieve those goals as fast as possible.

To make this happen, every month you will have a one to one Skype session with a choice of one of our international mentoring team who will help you stay on track with your writing, give you advice on the music business, music production and much more as well as keeping up your motivation levels by setting achievable goals to fit in with you lifestyle and time allowance. We’ll make you as accountable as you’d like to really keep you moving forward!

Not only will these invaluable sessions  help you fast-track your progress but where else would you have the chance to network with and talk to world class multi platinum selling songwriters about YOUR music? Our mentors have already made it and their job is to help you make it using their wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience. We know we’re successful when we see you succeed too.

Our mentors are highly skilled at recognising the ability and experience of writers of all level, from pro to complete beginner, and every writer is treated equally as an individual and nurtured in the same way. No other organisation in the world has this level of attention to their writers.

We are dedicated to getting you where you want to be. All we ask in return is that you’re motivated, enthusiastic, and confident enough to believe you can make it!

What will I learn?

Since your music ability and goals will be different from the next songwriter, each session is personalised towards you. Our mentors all specialise in their own niche and this collaboration means that we can cover whatever issues that you might be facing in your career.

You’ll learn a variety of things from our one-to-one songwriting mentoring sessions, including:

  • Getting advice on your own songs and how to make them better
  • Writing for different markets around the world including Nashville
  • How to write in different genres
  • Finding out how to make your music production sound more professional
  • Discovering how to catch the eye of publishing and record companies
  • Understanding and properly marketing your talents
  • Mastering social media and branding
  • Becoming a better musician
  • Setting personal milestones to keep you moving forward
  • What to do when you lose momentum
  • How to collaborate for success
  • Ensuring the deals you make are beneficial for you
  • How to use current marketing opportunities to become more popular

Meet our music industry mentors

All our mentors have carved out their own place in the music industry, collectively sold more nearly half a billion records worldwide, won multiple platinum selling awards, and have years of experience working with the biggest names in the business. Choose which of our international team you’d like advice from HERE

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