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Music Business Connections

Meet the professionals who can transform your career with our music networking nights

Music networking opportunities to bring you into the real music business

It might be a cliché, but the old saying “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” still rings true today. Finding your feet in such a competitive industry can be tricky by yourself. Who do you contact first? Who is a reputable professional? Who offers the best opportunity for your time? The chances of stumbling across somebody with leverage in the industry that likes you enough to give you an opportunity is rare at best.

To help you push past this, we host regular music events and promote popular networking nights. You’ll find the people you need to pitch to, all gathered together in one place. These nights are attended by a variety of music professionals; from record label agents and producers, to artists and music business professionals.

You might be exactly the kind of person they’re looking for — and even if they’re not personally interested, the chances are they’ll know somebody who is! These networking nights branch out across a significant part of the music industry and are just as helpful for these big names as they are for you. You only have to be recommended by one professional and your name will start to stick.

We’ve already been responsible for matching so many of our songwriting students to the people looking for them, many of which have gone on to sign deals with publishing and recording companies, work with chart-topping artists and more.

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