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Collaboration With A Professional Songwriter

Ever wanted to see how the professionals write a song? Collaborate with other songwriters and learn how to write a hit record

Collaborating for success

Ask any professional songwriter and they will tell you that collaboration is the key to long lasting success in the songwriting world. Look in the charts and you will see that virtually every song is the result of a collaboration of two, three or more songwriters.

We learn so much faster by working with other songwriters and we also climb the networking ladder far quicker by co-writing.

As this is one of the most successful and important steps to becoming a songwriter, some parts of the platinum mentorship program are spent working with others. These co-writing sessions are one of the most effective ways to learn how the experts and other songwriters approach songwriting. Along the way, you’ll be collaborating with other songwriters to develop your skills and learn from those who are further along the songwriting path than you might be.

If you’re new to collaboration, don’t worry! We’ll guide you through the best practices of co-writing and help you find like-minded songwriters to team up and work with, and before long you’ll be hooked on the buzz of writing hit songs with others!

As part of the Platinum Mentoring Program, We’ll also guarantee you a co-write with a multi-million seeing hit songwriter.

Co-write with a multi-million selling on the Andalusian Songwriting Retreat

When you attend our life-changing Songwriting Retreat in Andalusia, you’ll be guaranteed a full day co-writing with one of our multi-million selling mentors. We’ve often seen mentors so impressed with writers that they continue together as collaborators and friends! No other songwriting organisation creates these kind of opportunities to break into the world of professional songwriting.

Over 200 of our students have spent writing days with mentors including Pam Sheyne (Genie In A Bottle), Michael Garvin (George Benson/Jennifer Lopez), Rob Davis (Can’t Get You Out Of My Head), Ian Dench (Beyonce/Shakira), Martin Sutton (LeAnn Rimes/Backstreet Boys), Chris Neil (Celine Dion), Maria Christensen (Celine Dion/Jennifer Lopez), Paddy Byrne (Paloma Faith) Charlie Dore (Tina Turner/George Harrison), Bill Padley (Blue/Atomic Kitten) and more! See our mentoring team and see who you’d like to write a song with HERE

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