Write Like A Pro Songwriting Camps

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We’re searching for serious songwriters to join our Pro Songwriting Camps

🟡 Next Event date TBC

Duration:  One Day
Venue:  Online | Live Locations (if possible)
Starts:  2:45pm London | 9:45am EST | 6:45am PST
Ends:  9pm London | 4pm EST | 1pm PST
Fee:  £297.00/person (payable only on successful application)

The ONLY Songwriting Camp Where You Can...


💿 Meet and write with other serious songwriters from all over the world (or even get in a room with people near where you live). You can also apply as a team of 3 writers (event fee is applicable per person).


💿 Get professional coaching from multi-million selling hitmakers from The Songwriting Academy faculty while you write. Our coaches will drop in to your sessions during the day to give you top level professional help so your song is the very best it can be, and give you an bonus full, in-depth feedback on your finished song at the end of the day


💿 Write for major label artists who are looking for songs right now. We’ll give you a list of who they are and an outline of exactly what they’re looking for


💿 Pitch your song through The Songwriting Academy for the brief you have written for. Record your song and if it’s ticking all the boxes we’ll get it directly to our music business contacts who provided the brief you wrote to. We’ll give it another listen before that and if there’s anything that we feel needs fixing, we’ll let you know and give you the chance to fix it before it goes out there. Quality is the name of the game.

Work At Pro Level With Help From The Hitmakers


💿 Step One: Apply for ✨Write Like A Pro

We are looking for talented songwriters who are team players experienced in collaborating with others. We will be entrusting you with a list of major label artists and opportunities that require a professional approach from beginning to end. You can be a lyricist, musician, producer, singer or ‘all-rounder’ and will be asked to provide a sample of your work with your application. We’ll let you know within 2-4 days if you’ve been successful, and send you a payment link to secure your place. Remember you can also apply as a writing team.


💿 Step Two: We’ll match you with your co-writers

If your application is successful we’ll create a profile for you in our Talent Directory. We’ll look closely at your skill set and then match you up with two other co-writers. For example: If you are primarily a lyricist who doesn’t sing, we’ll make sure you have a musician and a vocalist in your group. Get the idea? We’ll also check your location and if there are any other writers who are a match for you and live nearby, we’ll give you the option to meet up live on Camp Day. If you have applied as a team, you’ll already be matched!


💿 Step Three: Camp Day

  • ✨Write Like A Pro starts with a short welcome meeting for all of the songwriters and coaches involved in the day
  • At the welcome meeting we’ll give you a list of live briefs of major label artists looking for songs right now, plus signed producers and DJ’s looking for top-line lyrics and melody for their beats. If you’d rather not write to a brief and go free-form instead, that’s cool too 🤟
  • Each writing team will be given their own online writing room in Zoom. Time to write!
  • During the day you’ll be visited by one of our hit songwriter coaches to give you guidance and feedback. Your coach can help you if you’ve maybe hit a roadblock, will share pro tips and techniques for you to use and give constructive feedback on how to strengthen your song and give it maximum impact. No matter what advice or input you get from the coach, the song copyright will remain 100% the ownership of you and your co-writers.
  • At the end of the writing session your coach will give an additional in-depth feedback feedback on your final song, after which you’ll be invited back into the main meeting room for a round-up of the day and farewell.

30 Day Follow Up & Song Pitch

💿 Step Four: Get Feedback On Your Final Recording

We want to motivate you to finish the song you write on Camp Day, and record it to the best level you can so we can try and help you get it placed.

To do this we’re going to give you a deadline.

Send us a finished recording of the song within 21 days of the Song Camp and we’ll give you one more feedback on the songwriting and production to help you give it that final boost.

This is really important especially before a pitch the song to a major label. We want publishers and record labels to be blown away by what they hear!


💿 Step Five: Pitching Your Song

Once you’ve made any last minute changes and the song is good to go, send it back to us within 30 days from Song Camp and we’ll get it to our music business contacts who provided the original brief you wrote for. If they love it, they’ll be in touch soon enough!

Important note about pitching:
It is industry standard that you will only be notified, after pitching a song, if your song has been successfully placed with an artist.

Need help? email songcamps@thesongwritingacademy.co.uk

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