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Urban Music Masterclass

Your Mentors For The Day

Tesmond “Taz” Rowe
Martin Sutton

About Taz

Jamaican born Taz had an early introduction to local artists & Sound System hanging out with Terra Fabulous, Monster Shock, Lee’s Unlimited and Beanie Man. At the age of 12, Taz moved to London and his big break came in 2004 when he hooked up with Dizzee Rascal. Taz produced and co-wrote the Ivor Novello nominated ‘Just A Rascal’ , which featured on the Mercury award winning album Boy in Da Corner, and then supported Dizzee on his 2004 ‘Boy in da corner’ UK Tour. Taz’s part in putting UK Grime onto the global mainstream music map cannot be underestimated.

This success led to further production & remix work including Ashanti’s ‘Rain On Me’ and ‘Rock Wit Chu’ plus ‘Locked Up’ taken from Akon’s ‘Trouble’ LP. Soon after the head of Def Jam signed Taz to be the first and only UK rapper on this iconic hip hop label. His debut LP ‘Analyse This’ featuring Kardinal Offishal & Terri Walker features seminal tracks ‘Only God Can Judge Me’, ‘Wish Me Luck’ and the UK Top 40 hit ‘Can’t Contain Me’. ‘Cowboy Film’ went on to become a UK Hip Hop classic featuring Kardinal Offishal, a remix from Sway and Bigz and revolutionising urban video in the UK.

Taz continued to write and produce with Dizzee and toured with Kanye West and Sean Paul. He has performed for Prince Charles alongside Jay-Z, Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Taz has also performed on tracks alongside Akon, Styles P, Estelle, So Solid Crew, Blaxxx and Arrow Benjamin

What will I learn about Urban music on the course?

  • What is urban music and how has it changed over the years
  • The many sides of the urban scene
    • Jungle
    • Garage – Two Step
    • Grime
    • UK Hip Hop
    • Afro Beats
    • Trap
    • Drill
    • R&B
    • Sapping
    • Soul
  • What’s the difference between the UK and US scene?
  • What’s really at the heart of urban music
  • Who should I be listening to right now to be current
  • How many people are involved with making a great record these days
  • How has urban music started to influence other genres and how can I make bring it into what I do?
  • Where do I start creating that great urban sound
  • How do I make great beats
  • What sort of instrumentation works well
  • What about lyrical content, how can I make it authentic?
  • What’s the difference between rapping and sapping?
  • Freestyling
    • How do I do it?
    • What are the dos and don’ts
    • What sort of content should I avoid?
  • Rapping: The 7 pro secrets of rapping and how to write one
    • How do I get known?
    • Where’s the London scene?
    • How do I find people who do what I do?
    • How do I maximise social media to get known?
    • Where do I post my music?
    • What kind of image should I have?
    • Should I approach record labels or wait for them to come to me?
    • What are the urban A&R looking for?
  • How do I get to collaborate with urban artists?

An much more!

You’ll also have some great practical experience during the day learning how to create raps, freestyle and write killer hooks to tracks, with professional feedback from Taz

After the course there will be plenty of time to mix with a host of songwriters, artists, producers, singers and of course Taz and Martin Sutton (TSA founder)

Is This Course Right For Me?

Urban music is an integral part of virtually every genre of music in the charts today. This course is a must for everyone who wants to be part of the modern music scene, learn new skills and meet new writers, artists and producers.


who want to bring more urban influence into their music and be a major player in this unique genre
Professional songwriters
who want to write with and for urban artists or just bring more of this unique genre into their own brand of music
who want to make nail the most current sound in their studios and break through into the urban scene
Songwriting “hobbyists”
who want to simply learn more so they can get more enjoyment and diversity into their work

Urban Music Masterclass

Urban Music Masterclass

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