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Jacqueline Norton

Jacqueline is a professional coach to individuals and top executives both in and out of the music business. She has over 25 years of successful sales experience, learning the hard way about the importance of confidence in the workplace. In the early days she sold fax machines by canvassing tough industrial estates in the North West, and worked her way up to selling multi million pound technology solutions to heavy weight corporates and government organisations

After surviving breast cancer for the second time in five years, Jacqueline now centres her activity on personal coaching and development, showing others how to pitch, sell and present themselves with confidence. She is a born communicator, a natural people person and her passion is to coach talented people in the music business to achieve the success they dream of.

Her approach is a mix of practical skills and deep coaching to help clients to be their most authentic self, based on her own experience that confidence comes from authenticity and connection within oneself.

Jacqueline is also a TSA Platinum member having taken up singing and songwriting as part of her journey back to health through creativity.