Song feedback

Before you submit your song read these instructions


  1. Have an online link to your song ready to insert into this document e.g. Soundcloud
  2. Go through the checklist thoroughly to make sure the song is the very best it can be
  3. If you know something could be better, revisit your song before you submit


  • Your Information

  • Song Information

  • e.g. Tom Smith 33%, Dick Smith 33%. Harry Smith 33%
  • Soundcloud or similar
  • Let the mentor know how you envisage the final produced song e.g. EDM, folk, Katy Perry, Charlie Puth, Michael Bubl√© etc.
  • Structure

  • Tip: Try keeping your song 3m or under, with a maximum of 3m 30s
  • Tip: Try bringing in your first chorus at 45s or less, with a maximum of 1m
  • Having just 3 different parts works brilliantly because it's simple, 4 is ok if you really need to, but 5 and above is nearly always a no-no!
  • Contrast is everything in songwriting. If your song sounds liner or 'same' you will lose the listeners very quickly.
  • Music

  • This can help create strong contrast so double check, and if you don't change form, try a re-write of your melodies!
  • Melodic contour is the pitch of the notes. Higher notes in the chorus and lower notes in the verses help take the listeners on a musical rollercoaster!
  • This helps create a 'moment' for your chorus although sometimes it can cool to do the opposite and have a massive dip in the chorus melody.
  • Hooks are essential if you want the listeners to remember your song. Make sure they are repeated!
  • If you're pitching songs to other artists, it's a good rule of thumb to write within a range of 1.5 octaves to keep your opportunities broad.
  • A surprise chord can help suddenly grab the listeners attention, so it's great of you want to pull them in with a surprise chord in order to deliver your killer lyric.
  • Lyrics

  • Crystallise the song down so you know what the listener is going to walk away with as a message or thought. One succinct point is all you need.
  • You and I are the strongest pronouns as they create a connection between the performer and the audience. If your song is third person she/he, have you tried turning it into you/I?
  • This is overlooked as a really effective way to get the listener 'on your side' from the very beginning of your song.
  • Conflict is where lyrics oppose each other and therefore create more impact for the listener without them even being aware of it.
  • If you can't find any, have a close look at your lyric and see if a re-write could add some.
  • Sometimes people only tune in to the chorus when they're listening 'passively' without intention. IF that's all they hear, make sure they 'get' your song enough to want to listen to the rest of it!
  • Simple and understandable lyrics don't mean you're dumbing anything down, it means your song is accessible!
  • If you , or whoever is singing the song struggles to get the words out, re-write!
  • The Feels

  • Think about the feelings of the listener when you write, not just how you feel. At the same time, make sure the song comes from a real place in you.
  • You'd better LOVE this song or you need to re-write it until you do!
  • Be honest with yourself and the mentor. That's how you will improve as a writer.
  • Check for those niggly moments when you wonder if a section of melody or lyric could be just a tad better...


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