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Submit Your Song for Appraisal
First Name
Last Name
Song Title
SoundCloud link to your song
Max 3min 30s: How long is your song?
Chorus within 45x secs: Where’s yours?
3 working parts: How many parts do you use?
Do you have contrast between your parts?
Do you change melodic form between parts?
Do you change placement between parts?
Do you have a strong melodic contour?
Where are your hooks? What is your strongest hook?
Melodic form: Where do you use the Conjunct form?
Melodic form: Where do you use the Disjunct form?
Melodic form: Where do you use the Static form?
Does yours melody lift into and peak in the chorus
What is the vocal range required?
Do you use any surprise or “money” chords?
Have a point! What is the point of your song?
Originality: What is unique/unusual in your song?
You and I? Which pronouns do you use?
Strong/unusual lyric in first two lines?
Where do you use conflict?
Where do you use internal rhymes?
Does your chorus made sense on its own?
Is your lyric easy to understand?
What do you hope the listener will feel?
Believable: Is there a part of you in this song?
Is your lyric easily singable?
Please supply any reference artists or tracks
What do you love about your song?
How do you think your song could be improved?
Are there any red flags in your song?
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