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Songwriting The Nashville Way

Learn how to do songwriting the Nashville way with this incredible online video course led by Mark Cawley, one of the biggest names in songwriting

Course Instructors

Want to learn to write from one of the world’s biggest names in songwriting?

Nashville is known worldwide for its incredible music scene and has given rise to some of the biggest artists and songwriters on the planet.

Our resident Nashville expert, Mark Cawley, has spent decades in the music business working with famous country stars such as Wynonna Judd and Kathy Mattea, along with global artists like Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Chaka Khan, Diana Ross and The Spice Girls.

Mark’s unique approach to songwriting has been fundamental to the success of these artists, which is why we’ve contacted him to help you with yours. In this course, you’ll find out how he turns a simple riff or lyrical concept into a fully-fledged, powerful song, and then markets it through social media and the internet to turn it into a hit. These easily repeatable steps can do the same for your song — if you know how to do it properly.

This is a must-attend course for all aspiring industry professionals. Learning how to turn your songs from slow-moving demos into impactful, high-quality records is important, but knowing the tips and tricks from one of the industry greats is what gives you the edge over other songwriters.

Is this Nashville songwriting course right for me?

Singer / Songwriters

This Nashville songwriting course offers some of the most incredible writing tips in the industry. Even if you’re not into country or pop music, the tips and tricks you’ll learn are relevant to almost any other genre of music. This is a fundamental course if you’re looking to write better music.


Writing music that people genuinely connect to is the dream of almost every songwriter. This course will show you how to write music that makes people listen. Not only that, but the course also touches upon how to ensure a long and stable career in the industry, too.

Professional Songwriters

Already written a hit or two? There’s always more to learn — and you’ll learn it here. Our course instructor has decades of experience in songwriting and the music industry and will give you an insight into how the people at the top of their game write. You’ll discover things you’ve missed, understand things that worked better, and know how to maintain a steady career in the industry.


Working with artists to develop their music? Knowing how to suggest improvements to the music is a key skill that any major producer has. This course will teach you how to improve the songs that your artist is singing, and how to ensure that the finished product is a high-quality money sponge.

Recreational Songwriters

Not in it for money? Just want to write better music for your own and others enjoyment? We’ll show you exactly how to tighten up your songs, write hooks that you can’t get out of your head, and make the entire process of writing music more fulfilling.

What will I know at the end of the Nashville songwriting course?

  • How Nashville writers approach their craft in a different way
  • How to find and develop killer ideas that sell
  • The four key stages of songwriting you need to know
  • How to get your songs heard by the right people
  • How to approach self-promotion and social media
  • What it takes to make a long-term, stable career in music

Course programme

Permission to be a songwriter:

  • What do I want?
  • Why do I want it?
  • How will I get there?
  • What tools do I need?
  • Where Am I now?
  • A mission statement for you as a songwriter
  • What’s it going to take to make it a career?
  • Country and other genres
  • Creating a songwriter’s ritual
  • The big ideas and five great ways to find and develop them
  • The organised songwriter
  • Two key concepts every songwriter should know
  • The four key stages of writing
  • What do people look for in a great lyric
  • The importance of colour and detail
  • Object or Sense writing?
  • Powerful melody writing
  • The ABC’s of song structure
  • The role of each part of a song
  • Can I write a hit?
  • Smart song deconstruction
  • Co-writing and the modern songwriter
  • Mastering the skill of listening
  • Making the right demo choice
  • Mark Cawley toolbox tips
  • The music business
  • A guide to music publishing
  • Self-promotion and social media for songwriters
  • Five ‘outside-the-box’ ways to get your songs heard!
  • Taking that meeting

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