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So, You Want A Publishing Deal?

Wondering how to get a music publishing deal? Our mentors are here to help

Course Instructors

Bob James

About the publishing deal course

Music publishers play a key role in the music business by connecting great songs with great artists. They open the doors to success that many songwriters are unable to reach without some kind of guidance (or a lot of luck!).

Hosted by Bob James, our music publishing expert, this one-day seminar will teach you what you need to know about music publishing deals in the industry. Bob has over twenty years of experience in music business, from publishing deals to record labels and management.

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how to get a music publishing deal, how to become a paid songwriter, and how to negotiate a deal that works in your favour.

Music production for beginners


Want to write for some of the biggest music names in the industry? This course will teach you how to impress the different labels, how to understand the different parts of the publishing process, and how to properly negotiate the terms of an agreement from start to finish.

Artist Songwriters

If you play your own music and want to get a publishing deal, we can help. Our mentors have years of experience in the industry and will provide the advice you need to properly navigate through the complex parts of each publishing deal.

What will I learn on the publishing deal course?

  • How to get a music publishing deal
  • How to become a paid songwriter
  • How to choose the right publisher
  • What your expectations will be of each other during the deal
  • How long you will be signed for
  • How your publisher can help your career move forward
  • How to understand the basics of your contract
  • How and when to go into a full contract negotiation

What should I do next?

The natural progression from this course is to learn how to write the songs that catch the attention of the industry professionals. If you’re looking to learn how to write chart-topping hits, our Introduction To Songwriting course and songwriting bootcamp are both ideal steps to take next.

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So, You Want A Publishing Deal?

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