Writing for success: The 7 most common mistakes made by songwriters and how to sidestep them – A free 2 hour webinar, live and fully interactive

Writing for success: The 7 most common mistakes made by songwriters and how to sidestep them – A free 2 hour webinar, live and fully interactive

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Are your songs topping the charts?

Are you making a living from your music?

If not, do you know why?

Find out from a multi platinum hit songwriter the seven simple steps you can take to change your fortune…

Free live and fully interactive webinar

June 5, 2020

8:00pm BST | 3:00pm Eastern | 2:00pm Central | 12:00pm Pacific | 9:00pm CEST


Don't miss this exclusive webinar hosted by multi-platinum award winning hit songwriter and founder of The Songwriting Academy Martin Sutton

A message from Martin

Anyone that knows me will tell you how much I love the process of writing songs and teaching gives me just as much pleasure. To help songwriters during lockdown, I’m offering another completely free webinar so I can share some positivity, inspiration, motivation and of course education.

This webinar is aimed at songwriters and artists who, like me, are passionate about their music and are keen to learn ways to get better every single day we’re on the planet.

If you think you know all you there is to know about songwriting, feel free to navigate away from our website, but if you’re hungry for any advice that can help you improve, come and spend 2 hours with me, and prepare to have your mind blown.

In just 2 hours I’ll show you seven simple yet amazing approaches that have enabled me to have a successful career as a songwriter for over 25 years. 


You’re about to learn…


  • How you can take that spark of an idea all the way to a multi million selling chart success. And just in case you doubt yourself…yes, you can
  • How to plan exactly how much success you want from your music before you even think about taking one more step
  • How to make your songs WAY more interesting than you think they already are
  • What draws people into a song, and what keeps them there
  • How to improve your songwriting overnight with the one technique I use every time I write
  • The easiest way to double your creative output and have more fun creating…with no writers block
  • How to write chart-worthy songs even if you don’t play an instrument
  • Why desire and drive beats talent any day of the week
  • How to keep your songs 100% authentic while still allowing  them to ‘speak’ directly to the audience’s hearts
  • The amazing difference in work ethic between pro and amateur songwriters that I’ve witnessed personally.
  • Why so many writers fail at the demo stage and don’t even know why. Oh…and the easy way to stop it happening ever again
  • How to build valuable connections in the music business that can change your fortune in a heartbeat
  • Why the right mental approach is everything (I’ll share mine with you)
  • How to give yourself permission to do this without self judgement or doubt
  • The importance of staying clear of negative influences and toxic people
Please bring your questions for me to answer live too!

I love my job, so the royalties and platinum awards have only ever been a sweet bonus, but now I want you to know how it feels to achieve the success you only dreamt of before. And I want to show you that you can do it too.

I’m giving you my time for nothing. All I ask is that you bring an open mind, an open heart, a big old notebook and pen, and when you have a monster hit on your hands, maybe give a shout out to The Songwriting Academy.


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