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Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series

Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series

Now £349.00

Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series

An exclusive series of 50 fully interactive weekly live online masterclasses from the world’s top songwriters, producers and music business gurus

Was: £1176.00   Introductory Offer: £349.00

Every Sunday

Time: 19:00pm London | Please check your local time zone

Become a better songwriter with expert help from The Songwriting Academy

A message from founder Martin Sutton

Do you want to be a better songwriter, or maybe want to know why your songs aren’t getting in the charts when others are? Do you have a catalogue of songs, but don’t know how to get them ‘out there’? If yes, read on, this is the course for you! If you don’t think there’s anything else you need to learn, please move on. We’re only looking for serious songwriters, artists and producers to be part of this group.

The most important thing I’ve discovered over the decades of being a hit songwriter is that we never can know enough about this beautiful craft. I never stop learning and it still gives me a massive buzz when I discover new techniques from other writers and producers. I know I can’t maintain chart success all on my own, and I know that neither can you.

Since starting The Songwriting Academy I’ve also realised that many people do not have the funds to pay for expensive University courses, and if they do, the course often falls short of the mark with an out of date syllabus, and an out of date tutor…

That’s why I’ve created this affordable course for dedicated songwriters anywhere in the world. I want to make this affordable so you can have success. Why? Because when you succeed so does The Songwriting Academy. I want to be able to say “That’s one of our students!” when you are storming the charts.

Count me in!

What I’ve done for you

To make this happen, I spoke to my buddies in the music business who are all still hugely successful, and asked them if they would be willing to share their knowledge and expertise with the next wave of hitmakers. And…I offered to pay them way more than pretty much any University or College in the world if they would! The prospect of getting to talk about what they love, AND being paid top dollar for the privilege is something they jumped at, and the course was born. They are ready and waiting for you.


When it came to pricing I had to fight for you! Colleagues all around me have been telling me I should make it way more expensive than it is, because of the quality of material and the calibre of the lecturers. I did my research and as an example looked at Berklee Online, charging around $1500 for a 12 week course covering just one subject. I’m sure there’s probably  something to be learnt from this and their other courses but only if you have that kind of money to throw around. If so, go check them out and see how they compare to us.

Despite what they told me, I have gone against everyone’s advice and decided to charge only £349.00 for the whole year.

That’s just £8 per week and this is what you’ll get:

Start improving your songwriting immediately

From week one you’ll start seeing the improvements in your songwriting, and after a year you won’t believe how far you’ve come, and how much you know. You’ll learn skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life in music, all for the price of a visit to a coffee shop.

Get access to top level industry professionals straight away

Every week you’ll be interacting with experts from the music industry that you would never normally have the chance to meet, let alone discuss your music career with.

Get answers to your music business questions

After each lecture there will be a Q&A session where you will get to pose your questions to the masterclass guru

Get feedback on your songs and production

Get feedback on your songs, production and share tips and techniques with access to an exclusive community dedicated to masterclass members only.

Build a professional network

Someone smart once said “The opposite of networking is not working“. Networking is everything in the music business and as a serious songwriter, artist or producer, you need to get to know others to work with, work for, or have work for you. That’s why this course is so much more than ‘education’. It’s giving you vital connections to hit songwriters, producers and music business gurus, as well as a like-minded network of people around the world all with a shared goal of success.

Weekly assignments to keep you busy

In these carefully designed masterclasses, our experts will be setting you assignments to work on every week which you will post in the community for feedback and  discussion. You’ll be given so many new techniques to practice, goals to work towards, as well as a regular motivational kick in the pants.

Watch live or later

Don’t worry if you can’t make all the live masterclasses, or if you join the course part way through, we’ll be uploading videos of them to watch anytime at your leisure, along with useful time cues to help you navigate to your favourite sections, and any additional course notes or downloads. You’ll have lifetime access to all 50 webinars.

Earn money back

Once you sign up, you’ll be given the option to refer a friend and we’ll reward you with a 20% commission to say thank you. You can refer as many friends as possible, which means that if you refer five friends, you get the entire course for free!

Two-pay option

We’re also going to make things easier for those of you who can’t afford full payment instantly. We’ll give you the option of two-pay for this course, meaning 50% payment to get started and then 50% payment 30 days later. There is a surcharge for this but we hope it makes things easier.

NEW: Free 30 minute coaching call with one of our team

For all new students to TSA we would like to get to know you better! To help us do this we’ll ask you to complete an intake form outlining what you do, what your goals are and where you feel you need the most help, then we’ll set up a 1:1 coaching call for you with one of our team to discuss this in more depth.

Note: This coaching call is available to all new students of The Songwriting Academy. It is not available to:

Where else could you get all this for £8/week?

Serious about your music? Then learn how to be a better, faster, stronger songwriter, meet professionals from the music business and grow your network. Enrol now to begin.

Count me in!

Pro Songwriting Masterclass Series

£349.00 +VAT / year



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Pro Songwriter Masterclass Series Schedule

105/04/2020Martin SuttonInstantly eliminate writer's block with the 7 Step Song Planner
212/04/2020Lee DannayThe basics of setting up your own publishing company
319/04/2020Charlie GrantInspiration vs Perspiration
426/04/2020Paul StathamThe key techniques used when writing empowering pop songs
503/05/2020Jez AshurstWorking with lesser known but powerful hit chord sequences
610/05/2020Chris SDWhy music licensing is the best way to get instant massive exposure for your songs
717/05/2020Chris JohnsonVocal Tuition - How to avoid burn out In recording/writing sessions
824/05/2020Paddy ByrneMindset coaching for songwriters: The Power Of You
931/05/2020Sie Medway-SmithHow to create exciting grooves and backing tracks for anyone to write to
1007/06/2020Lee DannayHow to pitch songs...and yourself, to the US music business
1114/06/2020Charlie GrantThe secrets of Melodic Math
1221/06/2020Jez AshurstBringing energy to a ballad
1328/06/2020Paul StathamThe power of a great intro
1405/07/2020Paddy ByrneTurning a seed into a finished song
1512/07/2020Ally McErlaineGuitar Tuition: Fingerpicking and strum patterns 
1619/07/2020Chris SDThe best way to get your music licensed
1726/07/2020Sie Medway-SmithLooping and repetition in music production 
1802/08/2020Lee DannayHow A&R works in the US
1909/08/2020Charlie GrantTrimming the fat from your song
2016/08/2020Chris JohnsonVocal Tuition - working with the major pentatonic
2123/08/2020Paul StathamWriting to a theme and how this can help place a song
2230/08/2020Jez AshurstWhen should I include a middle 8 or bridge and what does it do?
2306/09/2020Paddy ByrneWrite from the heart, craft from the head
2413/09/2020Chris SDWhy music licensing is the best way to make money from your music
2520/09/2020Sie Medway-SmithCreating melodies from drums and tuning percussion for inspiration
2627/09/2020Martin SuttonHow to record professional sounding vocals at home
2704/10/2020Charlie GrantTitle is vital
2811/10/2020Lee DannayThe financial aspects of songwriting
2918/10/2020Jez AshurstLearn how and when to modulate smoothly in a song
3025/10/2020Ally McErlaineGuitar Tuition: Play like a pro with easy to learn alternative voicings
3101/11/2020Paul StathamEssential lessons of lyrical language and choosing the best point of view
3208/11/2020Chris SDWhy so many musicians fail at music licensing
3315/11/2020Chris JohnsonVocal Hacking - Quick ways to tap into the power of your voice
3422/11/2020Sie Medway-SmithHow to create unique instruments in your productions from 'found' sounds
3529/11/2020Charlie GrantSongwriting in the Spotify age
3606/12/2020Paddy ByrneHow to write killer hooks with ease
3713/12/2020Lee DannaySongwriter vs Artist and how to transition
3820/12/2020Jez AshurstSpace (the final frontier). When to say nothing at all
3903/01/2021Ally McErlaineHow to use guitars more creatively in your production
4010/01/2021Paul StathamWriting to a theme and how to visualise a song
4117/01/2021Sie Medway-SmithA simple guide to creating drum tracks
4224/01/2021CharlieGrantTurning melody into lyric and lyric into melody
4407/02/2021Chris JohnsonVocal tuition: Mastering riffs & runs
4521/02/2021Lee DannayHow to work collaboratively as a business person in today’s industry
4628/02/2021Paddy ByrneCreative collaboration in the writing room
4707/03/2021Paul StathamThe power of repetition in hit songwriting
4814/03/2021Jez AshurstDealing with verse 2 hell
4921/03/2021Charlie GrantHow to read the room for a successful co-write
5028/03/2021Martin SuttonSummary: Putting it all together for a life of success

Count me in!

1. Full pay: £349.00

2. Two-pay: £399.00 – 50% on enrolment and 50% payable 30 days later

Full Pay £349.00

Two-pay £399.00

Download the
video here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can talk via the online chat box. Please note that audio chat is disabled due to the high volume of attendees on the call.
Yes. There is a 15 minute Q&A section at the end of the lecture during which you’ll have the chance to have your questions answered by the guest mentor. Our webinars are usually very busy so while we can’t guarantee your question will be answered, we do recommend posting it into the Q&A box in Zoom, our webinar platform, as soon as you log in. The sooner you post your question the more chance you’ll have it answered.
Yes. Post your songs in the exclusive community to receive feedback on your songs.
Yes. To learn even more form our multi-million selling mentors, contact us for details on our courses
Yes. We have an exclusive and bespoke mentoring program where we will guide you on the path to your dream life in the music business. Read more.
Each week your mentor will assign simple ‘homework’ for you to do, based on the content of his/her webinar. The assignments are not compulsory but you will be able to post your work in an exclusive private feedback area within a global community. You and your fellow students will be able to discuss and give feedback on each others work. We know if you complete the tasks each week, your skills are going to be through the roof by the end of the year!
Yes. Our online platform means you can watch from anywhere in the world.
Once you enrol for this course, you will be given immediate access to the exclusive course materials, course mentors as well as access to our professional community. It is therefore our policy that we do not take cancellations or offer refunds, full or in part, for this course once you have enrolled.
If you join after the course has started, you'll immediately be given access to all the replay videos of previous masterclasses and you'll be able to join in with the assignments in the community, plus you'll have access to the remainder of the live masterclasses in this course. When we launch the next Pro Songwriting Masterclass course at the end of this one, you'll be given the option of starting a new subscription and starting from the very beginning of that season's 50 brand new masterclasses.


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