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Hollywood Film Scoring Masterclass Series

Hollywood Film Scoring Masterclass Series

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Imagine sitting in a movie theatre and listening to your music feature in a Hollywood movie…

In just 8 weeks you can now learn how it’s done from the legendary composer behind Aquaman, Hacksaw Ridge, Wonder Woman, and over 50 more movies and TV shows

Hollywood Film Scoring Masterclass Series

Hollywood Film Scoring Masterclass Series


With Rupert Gregson-Williams

8 Week Course

Starts Monday 29th June

7:00pm BST | 11:00am Pacific | 1:00pm Central | 2:00pm Eastern | 8:00pm CEST



Become a film composer with Rupert Gregson-Williams

Registration fee: £1995.00

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A message from founder Martin Sutton

One thing I’ve found to be true over 27 years in the music business is that guesswork and hoping for the best will only get you so far.

The most massive leaps I have made in my career have been when I’ve taken time to learn from the best in the business.

And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce into The Songwriting Academy an old friend of mine that used to play in rival bands when I was a kid, but is now an A-list Hollywood film composer. This guy is a legend.

For the first time ever, Hollywood film composer Rupert Gregson-Williams (Aquaman/Hacksaw Ridge/Wonder Woman and many more) is looking for aspiring film composers to work with over 8 weeks in an exclusive online masterclass group which will be LIVE and fully interactive.

A lucky group of candidates will get the chance to work with and learn from the genius behind 50 Hollywood blockbuster movies.

In just 8 weeks you will learn how to create the perfect soundtrack for any kind of scene in any movie.

Rupert is going to lead you step by step through his own personal workflow process, from the time he receives the original cuts from the world’s biggest movie makers, to creating the right atmosphere, all the way to developing  a fully formed movie score to wow the directors.

To be a successful applicant you should have a dedicated and serious interest in film scoring, the appropriate recording environment (see FAQ) to create music for picture and the ability to work to a deadline.

You’ll be introduced to up and coming filmmakers, and we’ll help you build relationships and collaborations that could change your career.

At the end of the course you will receive The Songwriting Academy Diploma in Film Composition signed by Rupert Gregson-Williams.

This is one of the most exciting course plans ever and I’m so excited to share it with you and take part myself!

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Weekly Schedule

Over 8 weeks Rupert is going to teach the entire process of creating, recording, mixing and dubbing, as well as how to break into the business.

Each week there will be three sessions. Two will be spent with Rupert in live and fully interactive webinars, while the third will be spent working offline on the week’s practical assignment.

Session 1 

Every Monday you’ll be invited to join a live and fully interactive masterclass online with Rupert, where you’ll be shown the secrets of how to become a Hollywood film composer. See table below for the full detailed schedule.

Session 2 – Weekly assignment 

At the end of each Monday webinar, Rupert will set you a carefully planned assignment to create an original piece of music for film, using the techniques he has taught you. You’ll be working to a deadline on a different assignment each week to help you develop your skills as quickly as possible.

Session 3

Every Friday you will be invited back online for your second live masterclass with Rupert. Listen to his personal feedback on some of the compositions created in the group, how well they would work on the big screen, and how they could be improved. Will your score take the limelight?

Special Course Assignment

At the start of the course Rupert will be sharing a carefully selected video short from an up and coming film maker with you. Your special assignment will be to study it over the 8 weeks, experiment with it during the course and try new composition approaches as you learn them.

In the final week of the course, you will be asked to finalise your choice of theme and orchestration for the video, record it, mix it and dub it into the video for assessment.

In the very last assessment webinar, Rupert will share his favourite compositions for the assignment, and three composers will be given certificates of commendation, while one will be awarded the certificate for ‘Best Composition’.

To add to the excitement of this assignment, Rupert will be also scoring the same video short, so you’ll be able to compare and contrast your work with his!

What will I get from this course?

Start improving your composition skills immediately

From week one you’ll start seeing the improvements immediately in your compositions. After 8 weeks you won’t believe how far you’ve come and how much you know. You’ll learn skills that will stay with you for the rest of your life, and if you do the work…those skills and this knowledge could change your life.

Get feedback on your music and production

You’ll be able to get peer-to-peer feedback on your music and production, and share tips and techniques in our exclusive community dedicated to Hollywood Film Scoring Masterclass students only. Here you’ll be able to network with serious, passionate composers just like you.

Get access to the a movie business professional straight away

For 8 weeks you’ll be interacting directly with Rupert Gregson-Williams, a legend in the movie industry. To meet and work alongside a successful composer like this is an opportunity you will never get in your ‘regular life’.

Get answers to your film scoring and production questions

At the end of each lecture there will be a Q&A session where you can ask Rupert all these burning questions about writing for film.

Build a professional network

Someone smart once said “The opposite of networking is not working“. Networking is everything in the music business and as a serious composer, songwriter, artist or producer, you need to get to know others to work with, work for, or have work for you.

That’s why this course is so much more than ‘education’. It’s giving you vital connections to other film composers film makers, songwriters, producers and music business figures, as well as a like-minded network of people around the world all with a shared goal of success.

Watch live or later

Don’t worry if you can’t make all the live masterclasses, we’ll be uploading videos of them to watch afterwards at your leisure, along with useful time cues to help you navigate to your favourite sections, plus any additional course notes or downloads. You’ll have lifetime access to all the webinars and course content.

Earn a Diploma in Film Composition

All participants in the course will receive a Diploma in Film Composition signed by Rupert Gregson-Williams as a mark of achievement.


It’s easy to see that what you’re going to learn from Rupert in this course is almost impossible to put a price on.

We know you could go to other colleges for a course on film scoring…but we also know you won’t get face to face time with Rupert or for that matter anyone even remotely close to having his kind of resumé.

We believe in putting quality first and even though  Rupert is still working on Hollywood film scores during lockdown, both he and I wanted to make this as affordable as possible for anyone passionate about their music and who wants to pursue their dream.

If you want to be the best, learn from the best, in 24 pro level sessions of education, feedback, networking and development.

Two-pay option

We’re also going to make things easier for those of you who can’t afford full payment instantly. We’ll give you the option of two-pay for this course, meaning 75% payment down to get started and then 25% payment 30 days later. There is a surcharge for this but we hope it makes things easier.

Please only apply if you’re serious…

If you’re serious about your music you’ll realise the benefit of investing in this one-time-only course where you can:

  • Learn the secrets of being a professional film composer
  • Find out how to get known in the movie business
  • Meet professionals from the movie business and grow your network
  • Start working in the world of film-makers and composers

Please do not apply if you are not willing to show up, listen to advice or learn new skills. We are not looking for composers who simply want to buy a diploma. We’re looking for positive, enthusiastic people who want to do the work. If that’s you please go ahead and enrol now


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Hollywood Film Scoring Masterclass Series Schedule

- Reading a script
- Watching an unfinished cut of a movie
- Absorbing the story
- Having a meeting with the director with an objective
- What can you bring to the party
- What do you feel is missing from the movie that you can help with
- What are the strengths and weaknesses of the temp they are using
- What will you do about it
- Are you going to be great to work with
29/06/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Getting the director's attention with a composition
03/07/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- What to do when the scenes arrive
- How the scenes arrive
- What are the expectations
- What are the deadlines
- Understanding and working to a budget
- How to start creating music
- Building a framework
- Setting your aims
- Palette
- Discussions with the director on the story
- A suite of themes
- A practical demo of how to go about a melody
- Finding a sound
- Getting inside a character's head
06/07/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Composing with rhythm and percussion
10/05/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- Creative orchestration tips
- How much instrumentation is enough
- Finding unique sounds for the movie and its characters
- Understanding and working with sonics
- Building rhythmic elements
- Are you writing a melody, a hook or a groove
- The architecture of programming
- Overdubs
- Working with a music editor
24/05/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Score a theme created by Rupert
31/05/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- Presenting to the director and the film studio
- Getting under the skin of the film
- Speaking from the heart and getting vulnerable
- How to react
- How to run the meeting
- How to build relationships
- Earning trust with the film makers
- Why honesty is everything
- Getting emotionally involved
14/06/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Composing variations on a theme
21/06/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- Booking an orchestra
- Specialist musicians
- Working with a music editor
- Technical troubleshooting
- Working with additional writers
- When do you need an agent
- How new cuts affect your music cues
- How much budget do you have to work with
- Planning your time effectively throughout the project
- Booking an orchestra
- Working with music unions
- Finding specialist musicians
05/07/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Composing with minimal orchestration for maximum impact
12/07/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- Reacting to new cuts
- 'Spotting' and why it is crucial
- How CGI can require change in your composition
- Getting pushed back on themes
- Being brave enough to ditch and start again
- Bringing in additional composers to cope with new changes
- Recording and mixing to deadlines in TV
26/07/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Scoring for animation
02/08/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- Pro recording tips and techniques
- What is your part to play
- Planning for a mix
- Working with a mixer or when to mix it yourself
- Who decides the dub positions and levels
- How can you contribute to the dub
- How long does the dub take
- Being creative with the dub
16/08/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Scoring with no orchestra
23/08/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment and discussion of assignment
- How to become an additional writer
- Honing your skills
- Should you write for music libraries
- Finding and working with new film-makers
- The importance of communication and networking
- Having the right equipment
- Knowing your strengths and uncovering your weaknesses
- Learning management skills
- Finding your voice and getting noticed because of it
- The power of authenticity
06/09/2020OFFLINE ASSIGNMENT: Finalising and presenting your 'Special Course Assignment'
CLOSE13/09/2020LIVE WEBINAR: Assessment of 'Special Course Assignment' and presentation of awards by Rupert

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1. Full pay: £1995.00

2. Two-pay: £2095.00 – £1500.00 on enrolment and £595.00 payable 30 days later

Full Pay £1995.00

Two-pay £2095.00

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video here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can send messages via the Zoom chat facility. Please note that audio chat is disabled due to background noise interference.
Yes. There is a Q&A section at the end of each masterclass where you’ll have the chance to have your questions answered. While we can’t guarantee your question will be answered (depending on the number of questions).
Yes. Post your assignments in the exclusive masterclass community to receive feedback from the group. Rupert will also be selecting compositions every week to give feedback on in the live webinars each Friday.
Unfortunately no. This is a one-off course that Rupert has very kindly agreed to host for The Songwriting Academy. Due to the massive demand for his work, his schedule is too busy to offer additional tuition.
No. You do not have to complete the assignments but we do recommend it as a valuable way of learning the techniques and improving your skills.
Yes. You'll have lifetime of access to the replay videos of all of the course content.
Yes. Our online platform means you can watch from anywhere in the world.
You should have a suitable DAW (e.g. Logic Pro X/Cubase/Pro Tools etc.) and a good knowledge of how to use it for programming midi and/or recording live instruments. Rupert will be giving you instruction on orchestration and instrumentation but you will need to know how to use your equipment!
Once you enrol for this course, you will be given immediate access to the exclusive course materials, to Rupert, and to our professional community. It is therefore our policy that we do not take cancellations or offer refunds, full or in part, for this course once you have enrolled.