Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m completely new. Where do I start?

Writing songs is as easy as humming a melody. Writing great songs takes a bit more work.
Our Introduction To Songwriting course is perfect for giving you the best advice if you’re starting out. You’ll avoid all the basic songwriting mistakes that most beginners make and get immediate access to music industry professionals. Not bad for a beginner!

Do I need to play an instrument?

No. Some of the most earth-shaking records have been written by non-musicians who had a good idea for a song and collaborated with other creatives. Of course, knowing how to play piano or guitar will always help, but they are not a requirement for our courses. We’d suggest you check out our Introduction To Songwriting course as a good place to start.

I’m hoping to get my songs noticed. Can you help?

Yes. Our mentors are still extremely active in the music industry and have a broad network of contacts in almost every profession you can think of. We’ll show you how to promote your stuff in our Introduction To Songwriting course, but we also have our own music publishing company, Agenda Rights Management. If we think you could pitch one of your songs to an artist, we’ll help you do it.

What genre of music do you focus on?

Any and all. The idea is not to write the “perfect pop song”; it’s to help you add more power to your music, whatever style it might be in. The techniques you’ll learn in our Introduction To Songwriting course are applicable to every style of music and will help you grow your audience, whether it’s pop, jazz, or hardcore death metal.

Do you do song appraisals?

Yes. We’re always on the lookout for emerging talent. If you want to see what we think of your music, you’ll get a chance to find out at one of our songwriting courses. We even make it a significant part of the three-day songwriting bootcamp, so if you’re looking for some professional advice, book your place today!

Do you do one-to-one sessions?

Our platinum membership gives you access to monthly sessions with our professional mentors. This allows us to track your progress, offer advice tailored to you specifically and help you grow your music career.

I can’t afford the full cost of the course. Do you do payment plans?

Yes! We offer payment plans, but you’ll need to discuss it with us directly.
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