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Hit Music Theory For Songwriters – Julian Hinton

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Have you ever found yourself writing the same song over and over again? Using the same chord progressions and melodic style every time? Welcome to the world of being a songwriter. Sometimes it’s just plain hard to step out of our comfort zone and find new ways to write the music behind our great lyrical ideas.

Hit Music Theory For Songwriters will open up your musical mind like never before. You’ll find out from one of the UK’s top composers and musicians why some songs stick in peoples memory more than others, why some melodies sound melancholy and others incredibly uplifting.  You’ll  discover the simple secrets that will bring musical originality to your work every single time you write. Learn from the hitmakers.

Your course will be taken by acclaimed songwriter, producer and session musician to the stars, Julian Hinton who, in a career spanning 20 years, has worked with some of the biggest names in the music business including Trevor Horn, Seal, Rumer and Don Black as a composer, arranger, songwriter producer and session musician to the stars.

Course Programme

  • Tips and techniques used by the hitmakers
  • The secrets to killer hook writing
  • Structure and surprise
  • Analysis of how chords and melody work together
  • How to ‘make shapes’ on the piano
  • Discovering more interesting melodies when you write
  • Creating expectation from the opening bars of your song
  • Forget everything you know about chords!
  • Setting a melody to music in a brand new way
  • Dropping beats and bars
  • How to move in and out of modulations but still be cool…
  • What are passing chords and where can you use them?
  • Making your instrumental sections jump out
  • Inspiring new ways to finish your song
  • Taking the three key melodic forms to the next level
  • How a single note can change the entire mood of the song
  • How and where to use inside, outside and alien notes
  • How to write for different genres
  • Creating musical motion with the piano so every song doesn’t end up a ballad!
  • Essential ‘surprise’ chords you need to know
  • Keeping your listener engaged right through to the end of your song


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