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Breaking Into Hollywood

Want to earn money using your music for films? This online video course shows you how

Course Instructors

Martin Sutton

Want filmmakers using your music for films? We’ve built this course for you

Where would Star Wars be without John Williams? What about American Beauty without Thomas Newman? A music score can make or break a film and every filmmaker knows this.
Film composers can be paid significant sums of money for their time, but how do you break into such a walled-off industry? How can you get directors using your music for films?

This online video course is led by one of Hollywood’s top experts and will teach you how to become a writer for Hollywood films and TV. You’ll learn how to pitch your existing compositions to the right people, how to drive a negotiation effectively, and how to break straight through into a stable place in a dream job.

Find out how writing to a brief works, who’s looking for composers just like you and exactly how the industry works.

You’ll even get the opportunity to pitch yourself to an existing industry expert! You’ll be given a brief, shown how to work to it, and tasked with sending it in for feedback from those currently working in the indsutry. Not only does this give you a good insight into the process of pitching, it also gives you the opportunity to network with existing professionals who might be on the lookout.

Why should I watch the Breaking Into Hollywood online course?

Singer / Songwriters

If you’re aiming to get your songs played on the big screen or small screen, this course is a comprehensive guide on how and who to contact to market your songs. You’ll learn all you need to know about pitching for the correct television show or film, and hear the success stories of how others have managed to get into the industry.

Instrumental Composers

For composers, this course is the missing piece to the puzzle. We usually see exceptionally talented
composers struggle, as they don’t understand the business and industry behind Hollywood. You’ll learn everything you need to about the industry and how to use your music to get the job you want.


It only takes a 15-second advert to get a song stuck in somebody’s head. For managers looking to maximise their artist’s exposure, TV and film can be an ideal way to grow an audience quickly. We’ll show you who is looking for your artist’s music, how to contact them and how to pitch to them.

What will I know at the end of the course?

  • How to write specifically for movies and TV
  • Why some songs work in this market — and why others don’t
  • How to pitch your songs for movies and TV
  • How to negotiate synchronisation deals
  • How to earn money doing what you love
  • How to represent other people’s music

Course Structure

Introduction To The Course

How To Create Playlists For TV Shows

  • How to create playlists of songs that are heard and selected by professionals
  • Why the songs you pick matter
  • Overview of top submissions and playlists that work

The Online Tools You Need To Successfully Pitch And Select Music For TV

  • Essentials of successful song selection
  • Researching shows and creating playlists
  • Live Online Presentations and how they enable you to pitch professionally from anywhere

Interview With A Professional TV Composer

  • Get first-hand advice from an industry veteran with over twenty years of experience

How To Write A Song To A Brief

  • Top tips to getting the approval of Hollywood’s decision-makers
  • Why your song might not fit the brief (and why that’s ok)

How To Bring Your Submissions To Market

  • How to identify opportunities for your music
  • When to pitch — and who to pitch to
  • Making sure your song is presented professionally

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