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What Do Our Members Think?

Find out what our students think about our platinum membership courses

Student testimonials

“I am totally smitten with TSA mentoring. What an honour to get songcrafting inspiration and biz wizzdom over the last 3 months. Thank you for the great feedback and encouragement”  Rae

“After another very valuable mentoring session, I just wanted to voice how grateful I am to Martin and the whole TSA team for continued real, honest insights into the inner workings of this industry and for the continued, unwavering belief and support they’ve given. Feeling very fortunate to have stumbled across this awesome establishment and felt the need to spread some love.”  Charlie

“I have had the most amazing mentoring session with Martin Sutton. So inspirational and energizing! Thank you Martin, you Rock!”  Amanda

“Thank you for your continued excellent support during the monthly 1:1’s, general encouragement, and kicks up the rear to keep on improving.”  Hugh

“Feel completely boosted and I’m grinning away ready to take this year by the horns! Positivity all the way!”  Luciano

“Just had an amazing mentoring session with Danny Roberts. He knows his stuff. So much for me to go away and get started on!”  Tom

“Feeling thoroughly inspired after a mindblowing chat with Luc Floreani. So thankful that he’s willing to share his enthusiasm and give me some new ideas.”  Chloe

“A great 1:1 session with Charlie Dore. Very helpful practical advice and thoroughly lovely person”  Hugh

“Really encouraging, helpful in establishing focus and with so many things to take away.”  Charlie

“Great mentoring session with Luc Floreani last night! Really encouraging and so many good tips for upcoming events!”  Megan

“Another incredible mentoring session with Charlie Dore tonight! Really great feedback. So so much to work on and a good challenge but I’m excited to get working on it!”  Abi

“Great suggestions and inspiration.”  Anne Marie

“Amazingly inspiring time on Songwriting Retreat last week with a bunch of very special, creative and supremely talented people. Grammy and Ivor Novello Award winning Mentors with literally millions of record sales to their names to learn from, be encouraged and inspired by. The standard of Songwriting,
Musicianship and Playback Performances was outstanding, and most definitely the best Gigs I have been to for a while…Great banter as well. Love and utmost respect to everybody involved”  Stephen

“Starting to recover from my musical Spanish adventure and 35 friends and 60+ songs later I’m left in a state of complete gratitude. This was genuinely one of the best weeks of my life – I learnt a hell of a lot about the craft of writing, the music industry and my own abilities. I danced to live salsa music in the street and had an absolute blast. Couldn’t be more thankful and am so very excited to see what the future brings. My heartfelt thanks to The Songwriting Academy”  Charlie

“What a week! In Spain writing, playing and partying with an absolutely amazing group of human beings. Totally exhausted but so grateful for all the laughs and brilliant times, as well as an unbelievable collection of new music that has touched the lives of everyone who was there and many, many more than that in the months and years to come. Thank you so much Martin Sutton x”  McGoo

“I’m so freaking excited to be on this songwriting retreat!! Have written with some awesome people so far and have created some beautiful songs already! Yesterday’s was incredibly emotional.”  Elisabeth

“I’ll never forget this songwriting experience. I’ve learned so much from everyone. It was great meeting all these talented lovely people”  Joey

“What an incredibly life changing experience, on sooo many levels!!! It’s so difficult to put it all into words!!!!! Beautiful friendships gained and definitely the beginning of something monumental”  Gustav

“Had the most AMAZING week writing in Spain. Met some amazing people, wrote some pretty damn good songs (even if I say so myself) and I was pushed and became a better songwriter. Thank you to TSA & all the wonderful people I was lucky enough to spend a week with.”  Nick

“I had the most amazing week with some of my loveliest friends, whilst making some cracking new friends in a picturesque Moorish village, up in the Andalusian hills near Lake Viñuela. Weather was great, the vibe was awesome & the Cuban band and Salsa dancing was so much fun!! I’m back in Malaga now, ‘recovering’ from a spectacular week.”  Mike

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