One-Day Record Deal Course | The Songwriting Academy in London

So, You Want A Record Deal?

Discover how to get a record deal in the music industry with this one-day course

About the record deal course

With the accessibility of online distribution improving year on year, and with more and more artists releasing their own music, it seems odd that it’s still so difficult to get a record deal when it seems to be a dying industry.

So why are record labels still important and desirable in the music industry?

The simple fact is: most songwriters make significant mistakes along the journey from songwriting to releasing their music; whether that’s poor marketing, an underperforming track, or just something else that puts people off. Record labels know how to leverage their experience to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Here at The Songwriting Academy, we’ve collected the experience from all our mentors to produce this one-day course that teaches you exactly what you need to know about record deals. You’ll find out what millions of songwriters around the globe are doing wrong, and what record companies do differently that makes them so successful.

What will I learn on the course?

  • What you need to do to get a record deal
  • How and when to approach record labels
  • What your expectations will be of each other during the deal
  • How long you will be signed for
  • What it really takes to release music successfully
  • How to understand the basics of your contract
  • How and when to go into full contract negotiation

Is this course right for me?


If you write and perform your own music, this course is a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at what you need to do to get noticed by different labels. We work closely with various artists and record labels to bring you the information that’s up to date and accurate for your current situation.


Want to get your songs to the top of the charts and write for the big names in the music industry? This course can help you understand how the industry works, how you should approach each different label and so much more.


Represent an artist? This course will show you how to negotiate contracts, how to identify bad contracts (of which there can be many), and how to ensure your artist gets the deal that would benefit them most. Even if you’re a veteran manager, there’s always something to learn from our course.


If you’re working with an artist to develop their talent, we can show you exactly how to get a record deal that works for them. Our extensive network also means we can contact the people who are willing to work with you.

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