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Ultimate Website Guide For Creators

Learn the secrets of website creation, design and maximising your presence from one of the worlds foremost

communications experts, Dan Graham (Head of Comms for former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan)

Course Instructors

Dan Graham

Dan Graham is Head of Comms for former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and is an world renowned expert in website best practice. He is also a songwriter and musician and has lectured on websites for the music business.

In this course you’ll learn the essential information you need to bring fans to your website, keep them there longer, and turn them into loyal followers.

Why should I purchase this video?

The internet is the most important tool in today’s music business. So if you have a website, don’t leave it to guesswork and chance when your musical career is at stake. Take the advice of a world renowned webmaster and learn the simple steps to bring fans to your site, have them find out everything about you and your music and sign up to your all-important email fanbase list

What will I learn on the course?

  • How to attract new fans to your website
  • What content will make fans stay…and what will make them leave
  • How Google search engine works
  • The secrets of search engine optimisation including…
    • Making the right keyword choices
    • How to climb through Google rankings
    • Connecting your website with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more
  • How to make fans eager to sign up for your email list
  • The do’s and font’s of web design including…
    • How many pages?
    • User friendly page layouts and templates
    • Lots of information or keep it simple?
    • The most user friendly fonts
    • Which colours to use and which to avoid like the plague!
    • Where to place your main menu
    • How many menu items and which ones
    • Should I use pop-up windows?
    • The best ratio of text to images
    • The power of video content
    • How one keystroke could turn search engines against you
  • Writing calls to action that lead to clicks!
  • How to write and maintain a successful blog including
    • How much to write
    • Ideal content
    • Blogging vs Vlogging
    • How often to post
  • How to present your music including…
    • Do I use an mp3 player or links to my music?
    • How much music should I show?
    • Are videos better?
    • Full tracks or teaser clips?
  • How to start making money online including…
    • How to create your own ‘store’
    • How to best present your music and your merchandise for sale
    • The best and simplest payment portals to use
    • How to keep track of your sales
  • Understanding how to track your website data to keep the traffic going up not down


Who is this course for?

Artists with their own material
An effective web presence can help you to monetise your music and merchandise. We’ll show you how to optimise your website to help you start earning from your material.
Even if you’re not interested in performing your own material an effective web presence can help attract high profile co-writers and impress artists, labels and music industry contacts.

Ultimate Website Design For Creators

Ultimate Website Guide For Creators – Online Video £147.00 +VAT

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