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The Songwriting Academy Membership

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Learn in your own time from the best in the business with TSA TV

The Songwriting Academy Membership

Get your music out there

Submit your songs for the playlist we share with all of our top contacts in the music business

Welcome to The Songwriting Academy Membership

Includes Weekly Masterclasses

Skill up with the professionals

Keep your knowledge base topped up in songwriting, production, sync knowledge and music business tips EVERY WEEK. Pro Masterclasses hosted by massive hitmakers in live webinar classrooms (or watch the replays on TSA TV)


The Buzz | Live Online Meet-Up Every Two Weeks

Live Networking, Music & Entertainment every two weeks in The Buzz

The Buzz is exactly that! It’s an online industry meet-up where you could find yourself watching a live fly-on-the-wall speed co-write featuring our hit faculty members, or you may be writing your own songs with new collaborators in breakout rooms, or getting to chat with music industry chiefs. We’ll also be bringing you live music and chat from our own hitmakers along the way.

Get Your Music Heard By Top Executives

Submit your songs for the TSA Music Business Pitch List and get your music heard

This is your chance to get your music in front of everyone we know in the business.

The Music Business Pitch List is a carefully curated playlist of the best-of-the-best available songs from members of The Songwriting Academy. If your song is strong enough to make the list, it will be heard by our huge network of top industry executives including

💿  Record label A&R

💿  Music publishers

💿  Music supervisors

💿  Sync Agents

💿  Music managers

💿  Music lawyers

💿  Promoters

💿  Our entire “who’s who” of the music business!

You can submit a song every single week which will be listened to by to our professional faculty. They will then choose which songs will make it onto the playlist. Are your songs good enough to get the green light?

This is a free service provided by TSA which means that we won’t ask for a cut of your publishing or royalties if your song gets placed.

Have You Written The TSA Track Of The Week?

How would you like tens of thousands of visitors to our website to see and hear your song on the front page?

As a member you will be able to submit your song to our Music Business Pitch List and if you’re successful, you’ll be added to the pitch list we send out to all our contacts in the music business but also each week we’ll select our track of the week.

We are the only Academy presenting opportunities like this so make the most of one of the easiest ways to get your music heard by the right people.

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With over 500 hours of exclusive video content, and even more being added every week, you can now learn 24/7 from the very best in the business. No wonder people are calling this Song ‘Flix’!

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Includes Top-level Access To The Arena

Access All VIP Areas of our exclusive community

There’s no other community like it anywhere in the world.

💿 Connect and learn alongside thousands of other creatives
💿 Promote your releases
💿 Get feedback on your songs
💿 Build your global network
💿 Enter monthly prize-winning songwriting challenges
💿 Get weekly video tips

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Includes £100.00 Discount On Songwriting Camps

Get a cool £100.00 Discount* on our ‘Write Like A Pro’ one-day songwriting camps (Normally £297.00)

The ONLY Songwriting Camps in the world where you can

💿 Meet and write with other serious songwriters from all over the world

💿 Get professional coaching from multi-million selling hitmakers from The Songwriting Academy faculty while you write

💿 Write for major label artists who are looking for songs right now

💿 Get Your Song Pitched by The Songwriting Academy

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TSA Mentoring Portal | Includes Access To 1-2-1 Professional Coaching

Access To 1-2-1 Coaching Sessions

As a member of The Songwriting Academy you will have open-door access to our Mentoring Portal where you can purchase with a massive 20% discount your very own 1-2-1 online coaching sessions with the most successful music faculty on the face of the planet, who have sold over ONE BILLION records for the biggest artists in the world..

💿 Have multi-million selling hit songwriters share advice on how to strengthen your songs, boost your productivity or simply have more fun creating.

💿 Get the opinions of award-winning producers on your music before you release it into the world. Tips, techniques, plug-ins, gear, mixing, mastering…we’ve got you covered.

💿 Wondering how the music business works or how to be part of it? Want to release your music so it has impact? Need help with branding or social media? Speak to our A&R Executives, marketing experts and music supervisors to find out how to survive and thrive in the business.

*Not to be used in conjunction with other special offers or discounts

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TSA Mentoring Portal | Includes Access To Professional Feedbacks

Access To Professional Song and Production Feedbacks

Wondering if your music is good enough? The Mentoring Portal will also give you access to purchase 20% discounted full in-depth song and production feedbacks provided by the incredible songwriters and producers from our faculty.

💿 SONG FEEDBACK: Step by step analysis of your song from a hit songwriter member of our faculty; Covering structure, lyrics, music, and overall balance and vibe. With guided suggestions on how to strengthen each area until the song is the best it can be

💿 PRODUCTION FEEDBACK: Deep-dive into your recording from award-winning producers from our faculty: Covering instrumentation, plug-ins, layering, fx, vocal quality, dynamic variance, mixing and mastering. And that’s just scratching the surface!

*Not to be used in conjunction with other special offers or discounts

Includes Music Industry Brief Opportunity Every Week

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…we’re also giving you the chance to write for a live music brief from the top of the music industry every week!

That means every week we’ll share a new opportunity from a record label, publisher, sync agent or music supervisor who is searching for a complete song, composition or just a top line melody and lyric to an existing track. We’ll post it up in a dedicated easy-to-find group in The Arena community and you’ll be able to write and pitch for it.

We’re here to help you, so The Songwriting Academy won’t be asking for any publishing splits or royalties for your song, but we’d love you to give us a shout out when you receive your first Grammy!

This is the sort of opportunity usually only given to songwriters signed to a publishing deal but we’re giving it to you now as part of your TSA membership.

Includes 20% Discount on our life-changing 7 Day Songwriting Retreat

How would you like to spend a week in one of the most beautiful areas of southern Spain in a village exclusively reserved for The Songwriting Academy? You’ll be living the music dream, writing every day in a new team with help from multi-million selling hit songwriters. You’ll even get to write with a mentor during the week.

It’s impossible to describe how life-changing this week is for your music, your network and your soul. Click below to find out more AND if your application is successful you’ll get a massive 20% discount from the normal price you’d pay.

*All places are subject to a successful application interview and availability

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