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Written Testimonials

Anna T

It is an amazing academy you have established with a true ethos of care and support coming straight from the top and filtering down through its ever increasing family – I am so proud to be part of it !

Thank you so much for an amazing Platinum year !- I have loved every minute or it, have learnt so much and feel very excited for 2018.

Pari S

Feeling so blessed to be a part of this songwriting family! Thank you for creating this wonderful community, a place for us all to be creative, passionate, supportive and talented!

Amber V

10/10 Excellent! Really informative and enjoyable

Maggie L

10/10 Thoroughly enjoyed this course, lovely group of people, fun and informative

Dominique G

If I hadn’t have come I don’t think I would have believed in myself. you and the course have inspired me and sparked something inside of me to pursue my dream.

Laura T

Very engaging, high energy and motivating content and delivery. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Nathanael T

Absolutely brilliant! Informative, fun, engaging, great opportunity to network with like-minded people. Great atmosphere!

Amna A

Amazing and inspiring to be around wonderful like-minded people who live, breathe and love music like I do

Sandra D

The passion of all the lecturers was amazing to see. The sharing of their life experiences that enabled them to get a career in the industry was inspirational and has made me reinforce in my mind it’s truly possible for me!

Steph E

Thought the course was so good and inspiring, have signed up for the Platinum Mentoring Program!

Crispin L

An enormous amount of information and tips to take away, digest and act upon!

Luciano A

I’ve finally found myself and my confidence has come back! That is down to what The Songwriting Academy has done for me and given me the boost I needed. I can’t thank you enough

Ming B

Thank you so much for this weekend, really was such a fantastic experience. I’ve learnt so much that I wasn’t able to sleep all last night thinking about it.

Victoria C

I was going to write “you can’t beat Martin Sutton”, but that would sound all wrong. 🙂 So just saying am very happy with mentor session from Superstar Sutton. Virtual hugs all round.

Kevin J

Had a great and informative mentoring session with Mark Cawley, nice guy, had some interesting left of field ideas for me to try. Thanks Mark

Ray D

Just finished an awesome mentoring session with Charlie Charlie Dore what an inspiration you are Charlie. Thank you for all the excellent advice and guidance.

Anna H

So enjoyed my mentoring session with Mark Cawley yesterday – from now on I will be hanging out in bookshops looking shady – thanks mark x


rocket fuel for the soul

Gustav P

What an incredibly life changing experience, on sooo many levels!!! It’s so difficult to put it all into words!!!!! Beautiful friendships gained and definitely the beginning of something monumental.

Joey B

l’ll never forget this songwriting experience. I’ve learned so much from everyone. It was great meeting all these talented lovely people

Gavin S

Special people. Thank you all for some beautiful and amazing times

Elisabeth V

I’m so freaking excited to be on this songwriting retreat!! Have written with some awesome people so far and have created some beautiful songs already! Yesterday’s was incredibly emotional

Kristian V

I am SO totally buzzed that I took the plunge and committed to this program!

Amanda R

Just when I thought it could not get any more inspirational, I have another mentoring session with Luc Floreani!

Kevin J

Excellent thought provoking and inspirational

Abi L

Another incredible mentoring session with Charlie Dore tonight! Really great feedback. So so much to work on and a good challenge but excited to get working on it!

Lisa S

Fantastic mentoring session with Martin Sutton today, thank you Martin! Great feedback as always

Anne Marie S

Just had an amazing mentoring session with Charlie Dore. Great suggestions and inspiration, along the lines of possibly becoming a ‘superwoman’!

Chloe R

Feeling thoroughly inspired after a mind-blowing chat with Luc Floreani of Floreani Management. So thankful that he’s willing to share his enthusiasm and give me some new ideas.

Luciano A

Just had a fantastic mentoring session with Martin, my first on my platinum membership! Feel completely boosted and grinning away ready to take this year by the horns! Positivity all the way

Amanda R

I have had the most amazing mentoring session with Martin Sutton. So inspirational and energizing! Thank you Martin, you Rock!

Tom R

Just had an amazing mentoring session with Danny Roberts. He knows his stuff. So much for me to go away and get started on!

Megan F

Great mentoring session with Luc Floreani last night! Really encouraging and so many good tips for upcoming events!

Charlie A

Great first mentoring session with Martin. Really encouraging, helpful in establishing focus and with so many things to takeaway.

Hugh W

I also had a great 1:1 session with Charlie Dore. Very helpful practical advice and thoroughly lovely person 🙂

Amanda R

Just had my first mentoring session with Martin Sutton, what an amazing experience, so grateful and ready to face my first exercise. Thank you Martin.

Hugh W

Thank you Martin Sutton for your continued excellent support during the monthly 1:1’s, general encouragement, and kicks up the rear to keep on improving.

Gustav P

epic PR mentoring session with Luc Floreani last night!!!!!


Another superb mentoring session today with @lovesongwriting “I really like the emotion and honesty in the song” 🙂

Elisabeth V

Finished yet another epic, inspiring and all round fantastic 1-2-1 with the awesome Luc Floreani So exited for the plans we’ve got cooking up…

Kristian V

Just completed my first mentoring session with Mr Martin Sutton … got direction .. critique ..structure .. ongoing goals and targets …lots of advice and a real motivation boost !!! AWESOME !!!

Gustav P

Dominic King… Absolutely Inspirational!!!! Almost did not take up this session, wanted to play it save, but thank God I didn’t !!! Risk aversion you’re a bloody thief. Thanks

Laura E

Thanks for a great day & for inspiring me to #makeithappen along with discovering some crazy improve skills!


Wonderful uplifting day restoring faith in my path


Brilliant. Entertaining. Humorous. Good for business.


10/10 – Excellent and superbly presented, fulfilling, educational and inspiring


10/10 – I really enjoyed the day and look forward to the Bootcamp


Great atmosphere and great for meeting other writers


The day went far too quickly


10/10 – The one day course far exceded my expectations. Full of useful information backed up by eveidence. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in the process of writing a song


10/10 – Well worth the travel. I would do it all over tomorrow. I feel a lot more confident now with what I’ve learned.

Elisabeth V

When I look back to last April, when I attended TSA’s Introduction to Songwriting, my life has changed immensely for the better

Tim V

Absolutely amazing, inspirational, insightful session today

Katherine E

Such a great day enjoyed meeting everyone and learned so much!

Ladina S

Great organisation and inspiring evening