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Who have we worked with?

We’ve worked with hundreds of household names over the years, including the following international superstars:

Music industry courses from the UK’s best songwriting mentors

Learn everything you need to know about breaking into the music industry

Introduction To Songwriting

Perfect for both new songwriters who are finding their feet, and old songwriting veterans who want to freshen up their skills. The introduction to songwriting courses teaches you how to write the songs that sell.

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songwriting bootcamp

Songwriting Bootcamp

From finding that initial spark of creativity to showing off your demo to the record label, our songwriting bootcamp shows you exactly which steps you need to follow to get noticed by the right people.

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andalusian songwriting retreats

Songwriting Retreats

Spend a week in the gorgeous Andalusian mountains, writing songs and working closely with our professional hit songwriters. Creative, fun and inspirational, this retreat is ideal for those who are serious about a music career.

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Live Music Courses

Our live music courses are held by some of the music industry’s greatest names. You’ll get to meet these mentors, learn new skills to revolutionise your songwriting, music business knowledge and production abilities.

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Online Music Courses

Learn how to progress your music career without leaving your studio! Find out everything you need to know about songwriting, production and breaking into the industry with our online music courses.

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The Ultimate Songwriter Library

Stuffed full of incredible resources, advice, and practical exercises built by our professional songwriters, the ultimate songwriter library gives you everything you need to start writing songs that sell.

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Ready to transform your songs?

Our Introduction To Songwriting course is built for those who are ready to take their first step towards making a real career in music. Whether you’ve only recently picked up a guitar and started writing your own songs, or you’re a veteran looking to write your first smash hit, we can help.

The introductory course is built from the ground up to offer useful, actionable steps to give your songs the standout quality they need.

You’ll learn everything you need to take the music scene by storm:

  • How to connect with an audience with your lyrics
  • How to transform your melodies and write killer hooks
  • How to make a living from music and songwriting
  • Who to contact and how to go about putting your music in front of the right people
  • How to deal with writer’s block and supercharge your productivity

Find out why hundreds of songwriters have given this course 10/10

What’s Unique About The Songwriting Academy?

  • We have decades of experience and our team are still having hits in the music industry today
  • We have worked with superstars to sell well over 200 million records
  • Unlike university courses, our courses aren’t debt-inducing, long-term investments
  • Our courses will fit around your lifestyle, even if you have a full time job
  • We can guide you through the entire process, from writing a song to getting it out there

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The Songwriting Academy’s exclusive
S.C.O.P.E system

Our unique S.C.O.P.E song system unlocks the potential in every songwriter. These reliable, repeatable techniques can be implemented into any song, regardless of how much experience you have. Created by professional songwriters at The Songwriting Academy, this system will ensure you do everything to maximise the your potential.

Meet the team

With over 35 music industry professionals, ranging from songwriting mentors to orchestral composers, to professional drummers and more, our team knows how to help you transform your songwriting.

The Songwriting Academy is a collection of industry professionals who have put their talents together under one roof. We run music courses that provide you with the skills, lessons and advice you need to further your career in the music industry.

Whether you’re looking to go all the way and write hit records that dominate the charts, or you simply want to write songs you can be proud of, our mentors are always on hand to help.

Our team are still highly active in today’s music industry themselves. Because of this, we can show you exactly what we do when working with chart-topping artists, and how we’ve sold over 200 million records, winning Grammy and Ivor Novello awards along the way.

We’re also part of an extensive network of music industry professionals, from artists and producers to record labels and publishers, all who have helped many of our members along the way.

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