Jake Shillingford

Jake is the founder of the 90s cult orchestral alternative band My Life Story, releasing three successful albums and six top forty singles. Steve Lamacq described Jake as “One of our finest lyricists”. Jake went on to replace Terry Hall in a late incarnation of The Specials, then began compering and co-promoting bands at London club The Panic Station, booking early shows for The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and My Bloody Valentine.

My Life Story went on to collaborate with with PJ Proby, Marc Almond, Morrissey, The Wonderstuff and headlined over Oasis. He has been described as one of the first DIY entrepreneurs , starting his own label in 2002 funded exclusively by investors, benefactors and fans, inventing the now ubiquitous fan funded model.

He is the co-director of  film and TV music production company Chøppersaurus. Winners of  the Sensoria Pro scoring award and currently nominated for 2 UK Production Music awards. Choppersaurus have written music for everything from Obama’s favourite TV show “Homeland” to playing guitars on X Factor.

Jake is also in charge of Artist Development across all 6 BIMM colleges, responsible for discovering the best potential talent and introducing young, high level musicians to the music industry.


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