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Songwriting Bootcamp New York

Find out how chart-topping hits are written with our songwriting bootcamp

Course Instructors

Lee Dannay
Martin Sutton
Jeff Franzel


Woodridge, New York 12789, USA

Course Introduction

This unique 3 day course, held at this beautiful woodland retreat in The Catskills, and hosted by multi-platinum songwriters and industry experts, will take you through the complete process of hit songwriting  from the initial inspiration through careful crafting all the way to getting your songs in front of the right people in the music business. There are lots of fun interactive sessions carefully designed to help you remember the invaluable techniques used by pro songwriters.

You’ll get to spend time with like minded people, all with a passion for writing and become part of the ever growing TSA songwriting community, now having hit records around the world. After dinner in the evening, there’s a chance for everyone to hang out, talk music, play music, and enjoy the odd glass of wine. You can’t help but have a load of fun and leave feeling inspired and motivated!

Course Programme

Day 1

  • What makes a great song?
  • An introduction to the TSA S.C.O.P.E. Song System
    – Strategy
    – Creation
    – Optimisation
    – Presentation
    – Exploitation
  • The common denominators of hit songs
  • Developing your songwriting radar
  • TSA Magic Triangle
  • Finding Inspiration
  • Generating unique lyrical ideas that people will love
  • Keeping your subject matter strong
  • How to create a perfect lyrical theme to existing tracks
  • How to plan your song so it will practically write itself
  • TSA Strategic Song Planner
    – What is it?
    – How it works?
    – Making it work for you
  • Learn the simple structures that work in hits around the world
  • Busting the middle eight myth
  • How to strengthen each and every part of your song with amazingly simple devices that professional writers always use because they keep listeners listening!
  • The power of tension and release in lyric writing
  • Creating interest through conflict
  • Curing cliches in 30 seconds!
  • Testing your chorus
  • What to do and what not to do if you want labels to take you seriously
  • The difference between head sense and heart sense
  • Choosing the right pronouns
  • Evening meal followed by evening playback, feedback and hang time!

Day 2

  • 6 reasons pro songwriters succeed because they collaborate
  • The 12 key steps of successful collaboration
  • How to be a popular collaborator
  • Hit Harmony!
  • The secrets of the top 4 hit harmonic progressions
  • How to construct a hit song with just a handful of chords
  • Where and when to use surprise chords so they grab the listener’s attention
  • When and what to leave out of your chord progressions, and why!
  • The easy way to strengthen your songs with smart syncopation
  • Money melodies!
  • What is melodic contour?
  • How to instantly create original melodies without even singing!
  • The simplest way to create killer hooks
  • Using active and static melodies
  • How to make your melodies tug at the heart strings
  • How less can sometimes be more
  • Power in prosody
  • Evening meal followed by evening playback, feedback and hang time!

Day 3

  • 3 easy ways to make every part of your song stand out
  • Understanding flow and balance in songs
  • Trimming the fat
  • How to check and improve your songs before you send them out to the labels!
  • TSA Songwriter Checklist
  • Essential tips for producing demos
  • Choosing the right singer, tempo and key
  • 3 ways to create tension & release in your productions
  • How to send out your demos
  • Understanding the music business
  • Publishing deals and what they mean
  • Getting paid!
  • How do I get my music out there?
  • How to make money from your music
  • Learning the skills of networking
  • Perfecting your elevator pitch
  • Maximising your strengths
  • Writing a 12 month plan
  • What next?

TSA reserves the right to change tutors on this course if necessary.

Terms & Conditions

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Songwriting Bootcamp New York

Songwriting Bootcamp New York

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