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The Songwriter’s Toolkit

Here are some of The Songwriting Academy’s most useful tools for the busy songwriter!

As songwriters, we need all the help we can get. That’s why we’ve developed this handy songwriter’s toolkit to help you write better songs. Whether you want to brush up on your writing techniques, or you just need to ensure your song isn’t filled with cliches, chances are you’ll find something to help you in this kit.

The TSA song planner

Looking for a quick, step-by-step process for developing a song? The TSA song planner can help. Print it out, stick it on the wall of your music room and check back whenever you’re working on your hit record!
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Song share agreement

Co-writing a new song? You’ll need to ensure each artist has agreed to their share of any profits the song will gain. This song share is a great way of figuring this out based on how many people are involved in the project. We’ve also written up a handy example for you to look at.
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Interesting Phrases

We’ve compiled a list of common (and uncommon) phrases with links to the meaning behind them. While we would tend to avoid using these phrases, the meaning behind each can be more than enough inspiration to write a bunch of songs!
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Cliches can kill a song. If your song is predictable, it’ll never have the same impact as something fresh and new that makes the listener connect emotionally. Check out a handy list of phrases to avoid when writing your songs.
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Here’s a list of useful adjectives we use to really spice up our lyrics. Feel free to take these and use them as you need. Don’t forget to create your own as well! Having go-to lists can make writing lyrics much easier.
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Lyrical idea developments

Learn how our platinum record-selling mentors develop their ideas into fully fledged, chart-topping songs.
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7 secrets of successful songwriters

Find out the seven secrets that The Songwriting Academy’s experts and mentors use when writing music. From finding that initial spark of inspiration to creating regimented songwriting sessions, you’ll learn how the most successful writers in the world create songs here.
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7 secrets of successful producers

Producing songs is an art in itself. This guide will show you what you need to do to make your songs the best they can be, from picking the right key and tempo to discovering the right music for your voice.
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