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Releasing Your Own Music With The Songwriting Academy

Looking to self-manage your music? This online video course shows you how to release an album independently

Course Instructors

Luc Floreani
Ron McCreight
Michael Garvin
Danny Roberts
Martin Sutton
Tim Fraser

Learn how to promote your music with this Online Course:

Learn how to release your own music from masters of the industry

Did you know that the vast majority of self-released music never gets played? Despite how easy it is to release music online these days through social media, YouTube, SoundCloud or other websites, getting the attention of fans can still be difficult. Why is this? And how can you avoid falling into the same trap of most artists around the world?

Despite the worldwide competition and despite every musician having their own specific style, by following some simple steps, it can be remarkably easy to make money from releasing your own music.

In our online webinar course, we’ll show you why it can be hard to release successful music by yourself, and talk you through everything you need to do to get your music in front of people. From navigating through the complexities of networking, to advice on how to release an album independently and every step in between, you’ll get a relevant, up-to-date look at how to market your music yourself.

Guest speakers include:

Irwin Sparkes: Lead singer/songwriter of The Hoosiers

David McAlmont: Solo artist/songwriter previously with McAlmont & Butler

Luc Floreani: Floreani Music Management (Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sam Smith)
Ron McCreight: One of the UK’s foremost radio & TV promoters for over 40 years (Take That, The
Saturdays, George Benson, Aretha Franklin, Frank Sinatra, Burt Bacharach)

Ian Clifford: Make It In Music – the leading DIY musicians resource & lessons from “Illicit Digital”.
Specialist in management, promotion and digital marketing (Deadmau5, Spice Girls & Robbie Williams)

Steve Travell: Make It In Music – the leading DIY musicians resource & information from music
marketers “Illicit Digital”. DJ, producer and remixer. Lecturer & specialist in web development &
marketing (Queen, Phil Collins, Killing Joke, Chemical Brothers)

Veronika Vesper: Former Songwriting Academy student, breakthrough artist in the UK Club charts

Joel Hughes: Business Development & Partnership Manager of

Rowena Morgan: Artist consultant & networking guru (Musical Geisha)

Michael Garvin: Multi-platinum songwriter with 22 #1 hits, including Waiting For Tonight by Jennifer Lopez

Danny Junior Roberts: A&R at Decca Records

Tim Fraser: Multi-platinum songwriter and board member of BASCA

Will I benefit from the self-release online music course?


If you’re writing, playing, recording and releasing your own music, this video course is an absolutely
essential part of your progression. You’ll find out just how easy it is to sneak past other artists by using the simple step-by-step plan we lay out, and find out how to make a fulfilling and lucrative career in the industry, without relying on the big labels.


If you’re writing for other artists, we’ll show you how to develop a polished track, how to ensure it’s ready for release, and how to release an album independently of record labels. Not only can this help you attract the attention of bigger labels; it can also lead to a fulfilling career that you run yourself.


Developing music that will sell is the dream of any producer looking to gain a stable career in the industry. We’ll show you how to work with your artist to ensure the music sells, how to do so without help from the big labels, and how to make your career successful at all times.

Independent labels

Starting your own independent label can be difficult. However, an in-depth knowledge of the inner workings of the music industry can give you the pointers you need to become profitable, regardless of the music you’re recording. Many of our mentors came from independent backgrounds and can offer you pin-sharp advice on how to make yours successful.


Getting a label to give the go-ahead for your artist can be a tricky process. We’ll show you how to properly manage the sales that record labels want to see before they take your artist on. In some cases, releasing your artist’s music independently can even end up more beneficial than going through the big labels. Our mentors and guest speakers will show you how.

What will I know at the end of these videos?

  • How to develop and plan a long career in the music industry
  • How to build a larger audience and sell more of your music at the same time
  • The dos and don’ts of self-releasing
  • How you can effectively release your music to an audience
  • How to sell music and make a profit

Course structure

Ian Clifford & Steve Travell
Essential Tips For Smart Websites, Mailing Lists And How To Build A Loyal, And BIG Fan Base!

Ian Clifford & Steve Travell
How Do I Get — And Benefit From — More Followers On Social Media

Ron McCreight
How Do I Get My Songs On The Radio?

Irwin Sparkes (The Hoosiers)
From Major Labels To Self-Release

Irwin Sparkes, Michael Garvin, Martin Sutton
A&R Song Surgery: Is My Music Ready To Be Sold?

Joel Hughes (
How Do I Finance My Release With Crowdfunding?

Luc Floreani
What Is The Meaning Of Success To You?

Rowena Morgan & Veronika Vesper
The Reality of Being An Artist: Image, Self-Promotion and Presentation

David McAlmont
From Major Labels To Self-Release

Danny Roberts, Tim Fraser & Martin Sutton
A&R Song Surgery: Is My Music Ready To Be Sold?

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