Pro Songwriter Masterclass Series

Pro Songwriter Masterclass Series

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Pro Songwriter Masterclass Series

Enrol now to start: Monday March 2nd, 2020
Time: 19:30pm GMT
Then every Monday at 19:30pm GMT

Weekly online masterclasses from the worlds top songwriters, producers and music business experts

Enrol now for our exclusive Pro Songwriter Masterclass Series and join multi-million selling professional songwriters, producers and music business experts online every Monday at 19:30pm GMT for a 60 minute special interactive masterclass and live Q&A.

Special assignments
In these carefully designed masterclasses, our guest mentors will be giving you assignments to work on for the week ahead, new techniques to practice, goals to work towards, as well as a regular motivational kick in the pants.

Watch live or later
Don’t worry if you can’t make all the live masterclasses, we’ll be uploading videos of them to your account to watch later at your leisure, along with useful time cues to help you navigate to your favourite sections.

Build your network
Every week, you’ll meet and interact with new songwriters, artists and producers from around the world, which means your network will be growing without you having to leave your home. Plus you’ll get the chance to chat with the guest mentors, so you can make them aware of who you are, and you can ask the questions you’ve always wanted answers to.

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No long-term sign ups
You can cancel your subscription whenever you want and still have access to all of the lectures you’ve paid for. Forever. And if you feel your mojo slipping at any time just restart your membership.

Earn money back
Refer a friend and as soon as they enrol we’ll give you a free month of masterclasses. Refer another friend and you’ll get another free month. Play this right and you may never have to pay for a single masterclass!

What’s the cost?

Pay monthly or save even more money by purchasing a six month or one year subscription. Sign up now to take advantage of our discounted introductory offers below, for a limited time only.


Monthly Subscription £39.95

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can talk via the online chat box. Please note that audio chat is disabled due to the high volume of attendees on the call.
Yes. There is a 15 minute Q&A section at the end of the lecture during which you’ll have the chance to have your questions answered by the guest mentor. Our webinars are usually very busy so while we can’t guarantee your question will be answered, we do recommend posting it into the Q&A box in Zoom, our webinar platform, as soon as you log in. The sooner you post your question the more chance you’ll have it answered.
Yes. Periodically we will be devoting a webinar to live song feedback where you will have the chance to submit a song for professional critique. For these sessions ensure you have your song ready on a Soundcloud or similar platform, along with the lyrics copied on to the song page.
Yes. To learn even more form our multi-million selling mentors, contact us for details on our courses
Yes. We have an exclusive and bespoke mentoring program where we will guide you on the path to your dream life in the music business. Read more.
Each week your mentor will assign simple ‘homework’ for you to do, based on the content of his/her webinar. The assignments are not compulsory and there is nothing to ‘hand in’ the following week, but we do know if you complete them each week, your skills are going to be through the roof by the end of the year!
Yes. Our online platform means you can watch from anywhere in the world.


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