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Pro Vocal Production Webinar – Jez Ashurst

Course Instructors

Jez Ashurst

Date & Time

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 7:00pm – 10:00pm GMT

Learn the professional way to record and produce vocals

Being a vocal producer is completely different to being a track producer. The best vocal producers know how to get the best from an artist, how to encourage different approaches, when to know a singer is tired etc. They understand the importance of mic position, the subtle (or not!) use of compression and of course how to treat the vocal once it’s recorded so it ends up sounding like it’s ready to go straight to radio. Make no mistake, the majority of demos submitted to labels, publishers, artists and managers are turned down and let down by a sub-standard vocal. Don’t take a chance with poor quality demos. Learn the essential skills in just three hours that will change the way you record vocals forever. Master in three hours these simple but effective techniques:

  • How to get a great vocal take artistically
  • How to get the cleanest sound possible
  • Where to position the singer relative to the mic
  • What effects to use in the vocal chain before it reaches the DAW
  • How to get multiple takes of a vocal whilst keeping the vocalist sounding fresh
  • How to comp the vocal and the importance of going attention to detail when you do
  • How to tune a vocal using Melodyne and Autotune
  • Multi-tracking a vocal to create different textures for different parts of the song
  • Using vocal FX
    • Understand the world of compressors and limiters and how they can shape your vocal
    • How to use the EQ properly, including removing unwanted frequencies
    • Vocal reverbs, delays and wideners
    • Vocoders and other modern FX
  • Where to use backing vocals, how many to use and how to record, stack and spread them
  • Essentials of mixing vocals into a track

About Jez Ashurst

Jez Ashurst is a multi-platinum songwriter/producer based in London, who has also worked extensively in the USA, Scandinavia, Germany and Japan.

His early career spanned work as an engineer to session guitar work and composing for TV.  The last couple of years have seen Jez write cuts for (and with) Will Young, Mel C, Boyzone, Joe McElderry and many other established and new UK acts.

His track record includes the iTunes No.1 “One More Sleep” (Leona Lewis),“Love Will Save The Day” (Boyzone), “Loving You” (Matt Cardle & Mel C) and “Panic” (Gabrielle Aplin). Jez has added his guitar and programming skills to hit records from Susan Boyle and Il Divo, as well as a Number One for Little Mix, and he was one of the team behind the music for the 2011 and 2013 X Factor. He particularly likes developing new talent and has a wealth of experience as a songwriting and production coach.

In 2016 Jez hit the UK Top 10 with Jason Derulo and Little Mix performing his song “Secret Love Song” and recently topped the charts working with Tom Walker.

Pro Vocal Production Webinar

Pro Vocal Production Webinar

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