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Pitch Perfect – Music Networking

Struggle to network with music moguls? Find out how to get more opportunities in this fascinating online music course

Course Instructors

Tim Fraser
Jacqueline Norton

Become a music networking genius with this simple, yet powerful online video course

What would you say if a big-name music industry professional asked: “What do you do?” Would you have your pitch lined up? Would you know exactly what to say? How would you act? Not sure? This online course is specifically for you.

With the music industry now a truly global market, you’re going to be facing more and more competition every year. Unless you’re willing to put yourself out there and push harder, the chances of even the most talented musicians getting the career they want are slim.

If you attend music networking nights, you are already taking an extra step towards finding your own job. But it still be difficult and frustrating to find contacts, especially if you have no idea what works and what doesn’t.

Our Pitch Perfect course is built from the ground up to address the issues you may face when trying to sell yourself. It’s based on the decades of industry experience, knowledge, and personal advice of our team of experts and has helped hundreds of budding professionals find their way into solid, secure roles in the music industry.

So the next time you’re asked: “What do you do?” you’ll have the perfect pitch ready to display your professionalism, polish and purpose.

Our music networking course speakers

Jacqueline Norton: Sales, Pitching & Confidence Coach for Authentic Artists, Singer/Songwriter, platinum member of The Songwriting Academy

Tim Fraser: Multi-platinum songwriter and board member of BASCA

Is this course for me?

If you’re looking for a long, fulfilling, profitable career in the music industry, you’ll need to know how to network with the best of them. This is true for practically every music job and it’s definitely a mix of both who you know and what you know that leads to the career you want. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, the simple truth is that unless you’re willing to pitch your music and sell yourself, it’s unlikely you’ll find a space.

This course will show you why it’s so important to pitch, how to pitch better than the rest, and will identify the path you need to follow in your career.

What will I learn?

  • Why networking, pitching and selling yourself is crucial to progressing your career
  • Understand why and how to solve the most common issues around pitching
  • Learn the theory and plan a razor-sharp pitch
  • Practical experience of how to pitch well from industry professionals
  • How to create your own professional pitch in one day

Course Structure


Tim Fraser
Why selling yourself well is essential in today’s music industry and how the landscape has changed – to the benefit of the artist/musician/songwriter, if you get it right.

Jacqueline Norton
Pitch Perfect. Understanding your issues with networking with other professionals, and how you can break past them.

Jacqueline Norton
Plan your pitch. Learn the theory, plan and create your pitch.

Jacqueline Norton
Perfecting your pitch. Streamlining and honing your pitch using simple but effective steps.

Martin Sutton, Jacqueline Norton and Tim Fraser
Q&A with our instructors.

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