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Online Music Courses

Can’t make it to our songwriting sessions? Not a problem.
You can still catch one of our superb online music courses

Write better songs, learn new talents, and further your career with our online music courses

Releasing your own music

Going it alone is tricky, but it is possible! This video course will show you how to navigate through a DIY record release properly. We’ll reveal all you need to know along the way; from researching how multi-million record-selling artists manage their releases, to getting your songs on the radio and how to earn an income from your music.

Make money from your music

Although writing music takes tonnes of practice, talent and hard work, if you’re serious about making it in the industry, you need to know how to make a reliable income from it, too. This online video course will show you how to make the most from your music, and how you can make a surprising amount of money from music from a variety of different sources.

Breaking into Hollywood

Want to turn your compositions into film scores? Many of our mentors have written for films and TV throughout their careers and know what it takes to write the music that fits with what’s on screen. Discover all about the film music industry, how to work with a film brief, and how you can break into a fulfilling composing career in this online video course.

Live performance masterclass

Knowing how to deliver a killer live show is the ultimate skill to have as a performer. Whether you’re a band looking for ways to put on a performance that sticks in the audience’s mind, or a solo artist wanting to know how to punch harder, this course will help. Find out how to act on (and off) stage, how to network from each gig, and how to become known for your live shows.

Pitch perfect – networking

You won’t get anywhere in the music industry if you don’t network with people. It’s a simple fact, but a difficult thing to do if you’re not sure what to say or who to say it to. This online course will teach you how to properly network with other experts in the industry to secure more work, gigs and opportunities.

Social media masterclass

It’s easy to see how much social media has impacted the music industry. This online course will show you how to leverage this powerful tool to boost your own music career. You’ll discover how to market yourself to your specific audience and how to run marketing campaigns that your audience simply have to be part of.

Songwriting the Nashville way

Hosted by Mark Cawley, this course teaches you everything you need to know about writing legendary songs and reaching icon status. Mark has worked with world-famous artists in both the mainstream and country music charts, distilling his knowledge, experience and talent down into this fantastic online video course.

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