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Music Production Courses

Want to become a music production master?
Our music production courses are led by industry professionals who will teach you the skills you need to know

Whatever the music you write or produce, the way you record it will have a dramatic impact on your success in the industry. These courses are here to transform the way you approach what is arguably the most important part of music.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been working as a producer for a while and want to ensure your demos are as high-quality as possible with the equipment you have, you stand to learn something from these music production courses.

All our music production course mentors currently work in the industry with big name artists and bring this experience to each course. We’ve worked with hundreds of industry artists, producers, and other music professionals to distill our experience into easy-to-follow, ridiculously effective lessons.

Record companies want to see high-quality demos before they’ll even think about giving you an opportunity. These courses give you the tools and techniques you need to create something they’ll take notice of.

Introduction To Production

Music production is a fascinating “dark art” and an essential area to understand if you’re seeking a reliable income from the music industry. From developing tracks from big-name artists to learning how to give your music a completely unique sound that blows listeners away, you’ll find out how on these courses.

This Introduction To Production course is a one-day workshop teaching you how to plan, record and use the gear you have to best effect. You’ll experience a detailed course in all the secrets that our experts wish they knew when starting out. Learn how to get a step up above the competition using relatively simple techniques.

Music Demo Production Camp

The ultimate in demo music production courses. This three-day intensive music production course teaches you everything you need to know about creating a killer music demo. The course is taken by the mentors at The Songwriting Academy, along with multi-platinum record-selling producer Paul Herman.

Paul has worked with a number of big-name artists, including Dido, Corinne Bailey-Rae, Faithless and many more. Paul’s expertise is highly respected in the industry and it’s provided to you as part of the course fee. You’ll discover the best way to plan your recording session, which gear to use and when, and how to get the most from your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

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It’s one thing to create a flawless record, but it’s another to get it noticed by your target audience. Our music business courses show you how to use your music to make more money and boost your name in the industry. You’ll learn how to create a stable income, how to network effectively and so much more.

Frequently asked questions

What music software do I need?

We always recommend using Logic Pro X since it’s the industry standard. Although you can use other DAWs, there may be some vital missing functionality. Most of what we teach will be useful regardless, since we teach new ways of thinking — not just how to use software properly.

How good do my demos need to be before I send them off?

They need to be flawless. These days, record labels get so many demos sent in that anything less than outstanding will usually end up in the bin. Although the song itself doesn’t need to be the next chart-topper to catch their interest, the quality of the recording needs to be professional standard. Part of these courses is ensuring that your demos sound strong enough to avoid the bin!

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