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So, You Want A Publishing Deal?

Publishing deals are an agreement between a music publisher and an artist or songwriter. The artist writes a song and the publisher markets it to make money for both. Managing to grab a publishing deal can make your career and is considered one of the big milestones for any aspiring songwriter or artist. That said, publishing deals can be difficult to navigate alone and, with plenty of dodgy companies out there, you need to ensure you’ve picked the right one.

Our resident music business expert, Bob James, will show you everything you need to know about what publishing deals are, how to get a music publishing deal, and how to ensure you get the royalties you’re entitled to.

Make It Happen! Conference Video

Gaining a meaningful career takes time and a lot of effort. Nowhere is that more true than in the music industry. With such a huge number of artists, and with the internet opening up global competition, the dedicated and unshakably confident artists and songwriters are the ones that get far.

This online conference video gives you an exclusive insight into four of the world’s best artist/songwriters careers, as well as see interviews with hugely successful industry professionals. You’ll learn how they each gained success, be able to put together your own plan, and work towards making sure you get the career you want in the industry.

So, You Want A Record Deal?

As the major goal for almost every aspiring artist and songwriter, a record deal with an established label can provide a rocket boost to your visibility and your career as a whole. However, similar to publishing deals, making sure you sign the right one can be tricky. One poor deal can end up being extremely harmful to both your financial situation and career.

We’ll explain exactly what you need to know about record deals, how to spot the best one, and how to work with one to push your career and make money.

Want to learn more about the music industry? Check out our online video courses!

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