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Making It Happen! Music Conference 2017

An online video crammed full of groundbreaking interviews and keynote speeches for songwriters and artists!

11-12th November 2017, Hilton Tower Bridge, London

What’s covered in this songwriting conference video?

Included in this video are all the essential sessions from Making It Happen 2017 – The Songwriting Academy Conference. Learn from 14 x multi million selling songwriters, producers and industry experts exactly what it takes to be a successful songwriter or artist.

Exclusive Behind The Music Show

Included in the video is an intimate Saturday evening gig “THE STORIES BEHIND THE HITS” with an amazing cast of songwriting royalty sharing their stories behind MASSIVE hits that the whole world knows.

Who is this conference video for?

  • Songwriters wanting to get their songs performed by major label artists
  • Artists who want to get record deals
  • Artists who want to release their own material
  • Songwriters and producers who want to develop artists
  • Producers who create tracks for others
  • Independent labels
  • Managers
  • Anyone who wants more from their music than they’re getting right now!

What our delegates said about the conference:

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