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Make Money From Your Own Music With The Songwriting Academy

Want to know how to make money as a musician? We’ve developed this online video course especially for you

Course Instructors

Melanie Redmond
Martin Sutton
Jez Ashurst
Luc Floreani
Danny Roberts
Tim Fraser

Find out how to make money as a musician

A stable music career is a highly coveted job. However, it can be tricky to get a solid income from music if it’s approached incorrectly. By following the correct steps and managing your music “product” carefully, you can simplify the process of earning a significant income from sales and royalties. You’ll probably make more than you’d expected to!

We’ve leveraged our global network of songwriters, producers, artists, managers and other music industry professionals to put together this comprehensive online music video course. Together, we’ll show you how to transform your music into a marketable product that earns you an income you can live and rely on.

This detailed online course will show you how to make money as a musician, using a variety of techniques from social networking, to sales platforms, interesting and creative marketing methods and more. This online course is here to teach you how to turn your music into a stable and fulfilling career.

Our Guest Speakers

Danny Roberts: Universal Records

Luc Floreani: Floreani Music Management (Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, Sam Smith)

Jez Ashurst: Multi-platinum songwriter & producer (Leona Lewis/Boyzone)

Melanie Redmond: Head of Publishing at Perfect Songs

Rita Campbell: Chart-topping session singer (Hed Kandi/Paul Weller/Jools Holland)

Don Gallacher: Movie Music Supervisor (Robert De Niro/Harvey Keitel/Ray Winstone)

Will Simms: Multi-platinum K-pop songwriter and producer (Girls Generation – “I Got A Boy”)

David Sharp: Cue Music synch company (Jay Leno Late Show/60 Minutes/Ghost Whisperer)

Andy Bibey: Head of International at One Little Indian Records (Björk/Sinead O’Connor)

Bob James: Manager (Emma Stevens) & Music Business Consultant

Andy Ellis: PRS for Music

Stef Loukes: The Unsigned Guide

Rowena Morgan: Networking events organiser Musical Geisha

Paul Kennedy: 12one Entertainment (Krishane/Will Simms/Michael Angelo)

Is this online music course right for me?

Of all the online music courses available from The Songwriting Academy, if you’re looking to turn your music hobby into a fulfilling and stable career, this course should be your first choice.


Writing music for other artists is the easy part. Selling the music, marketing the artist, and making enough money to justify the time spent is the hard part. Our instructors will show you exactly what you need to know to make money from your music.

Artist / Songwriters

Going it alone? Making money from your music is easy when you know the best process to achieve it. We’ll show you how to make your music profitable at every step. From the initial creative spark to selling the music to your fans, we’ll teach you exactly how to make money from doing what you love.

Instrumental Composers

Instrumental music might not get into the charts, but there’s still a hidden treasure chest behind the scenes. Whether it’s music for a film, TV show, or a video game, there’s still plenty of money to be made from your compositions. We’ll show you how to find it.


Not got the songwriting spark? That doesn’t mean you’re resigned to the backbench of a dingy grey office. Plenty of musicians make a killing from playing on the records of other artists as session, orchestral, or function musicians. We’ll show you how to get the juicy jobs working for studios, songwriters, and record labels, as well as how to market yourself properly.


Whether you’re looking to make an artist sound incredible in a big-name record label studio, or you’re developing your own studio and want to know how to branch out further, this course will show you how to make more money from your skills.


Whether you’ve just started managing a promising new artist, or you currently manage a whole portfolio, we’ll show you how to ensure your management skills are in demand from chart-topping artists. The course breaks down how to get noticed by the big names in the industry, opening up huge financial potential.

What will I know at the end of the course?

  • The most effective ways of making money in the music business
  • How to market and promote your music effectively
  • How to make sure you get paid
  • Specific strategies to massively increase your revenue from music

Course Structure

Mel Redmond & Bob James
How Do Publishing Deals Work? Do I Need A Publisher Or Should I Self-Publish?

Andy Ellis
How To Register & Collect Royalties From PRS And PPL

Bob James
How To Make Money From Online And Streaming Platforms

Luc Floreani, Stef Loukes & Rowena Morgan
Understanding The Music Business, Making Your Brand Viable, The Importance Of Social Media

Luc Floreani, Tim Fraser & Martin Sutton
A&R Song Surgery: Is Your Music Ready To Be Sold?

Jez Ashurst & Rita Campbell
How To Make Money From Your Talent As A Session Singer, Musician Or Producer

Andy Bibey
How To Get A Record Deal

Will Simms & Paul Kennedy
Going International

Don Gallacher & David Sharp
How To Get Your Music In Movies And TV

Danny Roberts, David Sharp & Martin Sutton
A&R Song Surgery: Is Your Music Ready To Be Sold?

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