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Making It Happen! Music Conference

An online video packed with music masterclasses, interviews, and keynote speeches from some of the music industry’s biggest names

What’s covered in this songwriting conference video?

This video is absolutely packed with advice from artists, songwriters, and music professionals currently at the top of their game. You’ll hear how the greatest songwriters of previous decades wrote their chart-topping hits, as well as how to navigate through the music business industry and much more. And you get all this, without having to leave your home!

What will I learn in this songwriting conference video?

  • How to start and lead a company as a CEO
  • How to create music that stays one step ahead
  • How to write songs that get noticed
  • How to get a publishing deal and move up the ladder
  • How today’s ever-shifting music business works
  • Why more people are using busking to their advantage
  • What you need to know about publishing and recording contracts
  • How to control your singing voice properly
  • How to get paid for what you do

Video Chapters

Chapter 1

How Do I Get Signed To A Publisher? – with John Saunderson

Lesson breakdown:

  • What do publishers look for in a songwriter?
  • How can I get publishers to look my way?
  • Do I need to be earning money from music to get signed?
  • How many songs do I need to have written?
  • How good should my demos be?
  • Can I be a signed writer if I still have a regular job?

How Can I Get A Music Manager, And Do I Need One? – with Bob James

Lesson breakdown:

  • What do music managers look for?
  • How does an artist get noticed?
  • I’m just a songwriter; will a manager be interested in me?
  • Will I get an advance on the payment?
  • What can a manager do for me and what will I have to do in return?
  • What percentage should I earn in today’s music business?

Street Performance: The Most Immediate And Lucrative Form Of Live Revenues And Audience Building For Singer-Songwriters – with Dr. Julia Jones

Lesson breakdown:

  • The changing attitude to street performance
  • What are the rules of street performance?
  • Where can I go to perform?
  • How much can I expect to make each session?
  • Can it help my career in the long run?

The Power Your Brain Has Over Your Voice – with Georgia Train

Lesson breakdown:

  • How thoughts can get in the way of our voice
  • How can I build confidence when I sing?
  • Preparing for a gig, physically and mentally
  • The power of visualisation
  • What happens if I screw up on stage?

Essentials Of Melodic Form In Contemporary Songwriting – with Martin Sutton

Lesson breakdown:

  • How to give every song you write a fighting chance
  • Avoiding “Songwriter Syndrome”
  • How can I make my chorus kick ass?
  • What goes up must come down!
  • Three killer tips to make people notice your songs

How To Take Charge Of Your Music Rights And Get Paid All The Royalties You’re Owed – with Helienne Lindvall

Lesson breakdown:

  • What do Max Martin, Abba and Avicii have in common?
  • What is Auddly?
  • What does it do and how can I use it?
  • Who benefits from it?
  • How will it help me get paid by Spotify and other platforms?

Chapter 2

Discover how some of the most successful songs ever made were written by the writers themselves. These four interviews with hit songwriters reveal the secrets behind some world-famous tracks:

Delilah by Tom Jones (Written by Barry Mason)

Barry Mason has won five Ivor Novello awards over his career and has worked with a variety of huge names when writing songs. He was one of the most requested songwriters of the 1960s and still continues his writing career to this day. As one of the most experienced and talented songwriters ever, this is one interview you don’t want to miss.

Little Things by One Direction (Written by Fiona Bevan)

Fiona Bevan is a multi-platinum record-selling songwriter who has worked with a long list of talented artists, including One Direction and Ed Sheeran. She has written music for films, entire orchestral compositions, and even for an art exhibition at the Tate gallery. Her talent and unique approach to songwriting make her a fantastic addition to this songwriting conference video.

Karma Chameleon by Culture Club (Written by Phil Pickett)

Phil Pickett is mainly known for his work with Culture Club in the 80s, but his songwriting talents have stretched further beyond just the biggest song of that decade. Over his career, Phil has worked as a recording artist all the way to a songwriter for big artists such as Joe Cocker, Labi Siffre, Sheena Easton and countless others. The skills and experience he has picked up over the years make him a major voice of the songwriting conference video.

No More I Love You’s by Annie Lennox (Written by Joe Hughes)

Joe Hughes began his career in the punk band The Flys, moving on through to different bands before co-writing No More I Love You’s with his school friend David Freeman. They sent the demo through to Eurythmics, who decided to record it a few years later, when it skyrocketed to the charts and ended up as Annie’s best performing single. Joe is still extremely active in the music industry and performs in a variety of bands while writing songs for others.

Chapter 3

The Secrets Of The Songwriters And Producers Who Lead, Not Follow – with Will Simms

Lesson breakdown:

  • How can I make my songs more modern and contemporary?
  • How do I produce demos that record labels and publishers will take notice of?
  • Who are behind global hits and what are they doing differently to me?
  • What do I need to do to be taken seriously as a writer or producer?

Getting Your Head Around Music Business Contracts – with Richard Salmon

Lesson breakdown:

  • Understanding key contract terms before you spend money on a lawyer!
  • Heads of Agreement and Long Form Contracts
  • What’s a 360˚ deal and why do they exist?
  • When do I need a lawyer?
  • How much can I negotiate myself?

Music Business Q&A – with Richard Salmon & Bob James

  • Frequently Asked Questions answered by our industry professionals

The Art Of Top Line Writing To Tracks – with Joe Killington

Lesson breakdown:

  • How do I get started with my song?
  • Where does inspiration come from?
  • When you’ll know you’ve written a killer hook
  • Where can I find the tracks to write to?
  • What happens to my work if someone else’s top line gets chosen?
  • How does the song get split?

7 Steps To Being A Successful Creator – wiht Martin Sutton

Lesson breakdown:

  • Why do we get in our own way when writing?
  • Belief systems and how to own them
  • False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.
  • The making and breaking of crucial habits
  • Chances are…
  • Show me the money!
  • Dig deep…

The Changing Face Of The Music Business – with Bob James

Lesson breakdown:

  • Why NOW is the best time ever to be in the music business!
  • What does it mean for songwriters, artists and producers?
  • Will I be able to make a living from music?
  • Who’s thinking outside the box and how do I follow them?
  • What can I do to maximise the income from my music?
  • What’s next?

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