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Live Music Performance Course

Learn how to deliver an unforgettable live show every single time with this fascinating online video course

Course Instructors

Chris Johnson
Martin Sutton
Luc Floreani
Irwin Sparkes

Ready to deliver mind-blowing shows every time?
This course is for you

What is it that makes a memorable live music show? Is it great music? Audience participation? Luck?

Delivering a killer live show is a major goal for pretty much every musician out there, but it’s easy to do simple things that can totally turn off a crowd. From awkwardly dragging out the space between songs to let a guitarist tune, to disinterested looking bandmates, or a lack of audience interaction, there’s plenty of ways to dull down an otherwise razor-sharp show.

In our online live music performance course, we’ll reveal what it is that makes or breaks your performances, and reveal the secrets that professional performers use to deliver a mind-blowing gig — every single time.

Learn how to be the band everybody talks about after the gig, how to outperform your competitors every time, and how to use your live shows to take your name to new heights.

Exclusive special guest appearance from Irwin Sparks of The Hoosiers!

Is this course useful for me?

If you’re a live music performer, then yes. It’s that simple. The tools and methods taught in this course give you the secrets to nailing every music performance, every single time.

Singer / Songwriters

Struggling to push beyond open mic nights at your local pub? Find out how to transform your
performances and build your name by changing habits and following some basic steps. You’ll learn how to transfix your audience at each and every performance.


Written a song for an artist and want to show if off to potential labels? We’ll show you how to ensure your artist performs well, showcasing your song properly and getting the attention it deserves.


Want to help your artist transform their live show and boost their career? This course is ideal for learning the fundamentally important tips and advice needed to keep an audience watching your artist, from start to finish.

Recreational artists

In it for the love of performance? This course still teaches you how to get more enjoyment out of the shows you perform. A buzzing audience makes a buzzing band, so we’ll teach you how to capture the audience from the first note to the encore.

What will I learn on the live music performance course?

  • How to prepare for each gig to leave the best impression on your audience
  • How to get a great sound from your music gear and the specific venue
  • How to look after your voice so it will be ready every time
  • How to deliver a killer performance every night
  • What gives performer’s charisma and staying power in the industry
  • How to develop an unmissable stage presence
  • How to monetise your gigs
  • Why every gig is a marketing and networking opportunity

Live music performance course structure

  • How to prepare for a gig:
  • Advertising on social media
  • Song choice
  • What to wear
  • Attitude
  • Vocal fitness techniques to keep your voice going

Understanding how to use your gear effectively:

  • Setting up
  • Using mixing desks
  • Working with the venue’s sound engineers

How to deliver a seriously powerful vocal performance at every gig:

  • Microphone techniques to get the best sound
  • Vocal dynamics and how to use them to connect with an audience
  • Reading your audience — and how to react to them

Delivering a standout performance, every time:

  • How your running order can spell success or disaster
  • Working with dynamics for powerful performances
  • Avoiding the done-to-death guitar strum patterns
  • Why what you say in between songs is crucial

What is stage presence?

  • Dealing with stage fright
  • What gives a performer charisma
  • The power of silence
  • How to build and use confidence on stage
  • How to build a powerful connection with your audience

Making the most of your gig:

  • Marketing & email collection
  • How to sell merchandise that people want
  • Networking with other bands and professionals

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