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Introduction To Production

Want to polish your songs and catch the attention of record labels?

This Introduction To Music Production online video is the perfect place to start

About our music production for beginners course

Being able to produce music to a professional standard is fundamental if you’re looking for a hands-on role in creating records. Whether you’re an artist or a fledgling producer, you need to know the tips and tricks that put your songs a step above the competition.

This incredible online video is led by our professional mentors who currently work in the industry with major artists. They’ll teach you how to use basic (but not always obvious) techniques to transform your music from a scratchy home recording, into a quality take that sounds more expensive than it is. You’ll learn how to use your chosen DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) more efficiently, how to record and polish songs yourself, and how to use MIDI and audio tracks to fill in any gaps in your song.

Many of our students end up wanting more information about music production after this course,  that’s why we’ve created our Producer Masterclass Series. If you feel you already know the basics in this course and want something a bit more technical, or if you’re a returning student wanting more, check out our Producer Masterclass Series.

Music production for beginners

Artists / Songwriters

A high-quality demo makes all the difference when you’re building a fan base. Whether you want to start making some money from music sales, or you’re trying to pique the interest of a record label, you’ll need a demo that sounds fantastic and shows off your best side. This course will teach you how to produce an outstanding demo, without having to pay for an expensive studio.


Looking to begin a career in music production but have no idea where to start? This course will teach you the basics of recording and producing music. You’ll learn how to use professional techniques to give your music the edge, how to work with industry standard DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations), and how to end up with a high-quality record at the end.

What will I learn on the course?

  • How to record quality demos without spending a fortune
  • How to work with Logic Pro X quickly and easily
  • How to record and work with MIDI and audio tracks efficiently
  • How to mix and master your demo to catch the eye of labels

Course Structure

  • The basic equipment for creating professional demos
  • How to navigate your way round Logic Pro X with ease
  • Recording your demos cost-effectively
  • How to work with MIDI instruments without sounding like you’re working with MIDI instruments
  • How to approach your recording like a professional producer
  • The building blocks of a great demo
  • Which instruments to choose to make your song really shine
  • Simple studio microphone techniques that make a BIG difference
  • How to record vocals and live instruments with confidence
  • Plug-ins that take the hard work out of programming
  • What A&R people expect to hear from your demo
  • 10 must-do tips for an awesome demo
  • Mixing and mastering techniques to make your final demo jump out of the speakers

Introduction To Music Production Courses

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