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Hit Songwriting Webinar – Shridhar Solanki

Course Instructor

Lee Dannay

What will I learn about the US Music Business on this webinar?

Learn from one of the most acclaimed and successful songwriters in the business today. Sharon will be sharing with you her personal tip and techniques:

  • How to start the songwriting process
  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to write authentic lyrics that will move the world
  • The importance of re-writing
  • How to write memorable melodies that truly move people
  • How to keep the entire process simple, honest and fun
  • How to get your songs out there
  • The power of networking
  • How to write with artists
  • How to keep your success going for a lifetime
  • PLUS your questions answered personally by Sharon in a live Q&A session

About Shridhar Solanki


Is This Course Right For Me?

The US music business is the biggest in the world so having a good understanding of it is essential for all songwriters artists and producers


who want to write amazing songs to launch and maintain a lifelong career
Professional songwriters
who want to learn the techniques to move their songs up to the professional level
who want to create hit records
Writing-For-Fun ‘Hobbyists’
who simply want to write better songs for their own satisfaction

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