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Hit Makers Guide To Killer Toplines

In this one-off, one day masterclasses seminar, learn how to create and craft unforgettable topline melodies from two hit making songwriters with the track records to prove it!

Course Instructors

Joe Killington
Songwriting Course Instructor
Martin Sutton

In this one-off, one day masterclasses seminar, you’ll learn how to create and craft unforgettable top line melodies and lyrics working from tracks, from not one but TWO hit making songwriters: Joe Killington and Martin Sutton. They will be sharing their proven hit making tips and techniques to have all of the industry’s top producers and labels knocking on your door!

What is a topline/topliner?

Songwriting methods have evolved significantly in the last decade and the method of toplining has surged in popularity among producers and labels alike.

Toplining is where a songwriter creates a vocal melody and lyrics over a pre-made music track or composition. If you are asked to create a topline you will often work with a fully formed instrumental track but may also be asked to work with a basic composition. Either way there are proven techniques that will help you create something powerful, memorable and commercial!

Why should I attend this course?

Collaborating with producers by toplining a track is one of your best chances of getting songs placed in the industry and cut by some of the biggest artists on the planet. This masterclass will take you through step by step how successful writers create a topline from scratch, how they craft the melodies, lyrics and most importantly… what happens next. They will talk you through how best to approach publishers, artists and labels to get the best deal on the table and your songs making you money for the rest of your life!

Who is Joe Killington?

The singer songwriter from Hackney, East London started out as a pirate radio mc before becoming a songwriter for other artists. Joe cowrote Armand Van Helden’s My My My, and has written for Fat Boy Slim, Avicii, James Smith Jaguar Skills, Camo and Krooked, O-Town, Cher and many more. With the latest success of his own release Devil in Me with Purple Disco Machine, which charted no 3 in French official charts, he’s earned a solo artist deal with NHMM worldwide. Expect many more releases in the near future!

Joe is published by Notting Hill Music, managed as an artist by NHMM, and managed as a songwriter by Sound Collective.

Who is Martin Sutton?

Martin Sutton is the founder of The Songwriting Academy and multi-platinum songwriter and producer. Starting as a young busker on the streets of Norwich, he spent years developing the craft of songwriting, traveling the world to work with other writers, learning about the music business and honing his production skills. He is now a successful songwriter/producer and has sold over 10 million records in over 50 countries around the world.

His work includes Backstreet Boys, LeAnn Rimes, Celine Dion, Cliff Richard, Gary Barlow, Pixie Lott, Mark Owen, Olivia Newton-John, Andrew Roachford, Brian McFadden, Lulu, Mike & The Mechanics, K-Pop superstars Super Junior and X-Factor/Idol winners worldwide.

His teaching methodology and ethos have been described as “life-changing” by many of his students and over the years he has shared his knowledge and experience with thousands, opening their eyes to the world of professional music making. His diverse programming and production skills are widely sought after, from orchestration for Celine Dion and Andrew Lloyd Webber to quirky programming and beat-making for K-Pop/J-Pop artists, and rich country productions for artists including LeAnn Rimes.

What will the day be like?

In this jam-packed day you’ll be taught essential techniques including

  • The importance of creating contrast in a song so it always keep the listener listening
  • The three primary melodic forms and how and where to use them
  • The principles of melodic contour and how it can shape your song for success
  • How lyrical placement in the bar can make such a huge difference
  • How to create topline melodies without the painful overthinking!
  • How to make your lyrics and title stand out from the crowd
  • The difference between writing lyrics for pop, country and other styles
  • How to create killer hooks that no one will forget
  • How to craft and refine your work once you have the first draft
  • How to get your song out there once it’s finished
  • How to create a topline for a producer without the need to finish the track

Get live feedback on your work

You’ll also have the amazing opportunity to bring in a topline you’ve created to a track made by Martin Sutton and get live feedback on the day from Martin and Joe

Witness a live songwriting session with two professional hit songwriters

In the afternoon you’ll have the chance to be a fly on the wall whilst Martin and Joe create a brand new song from scratch, demonstrating the techniques they’ve shared during the day. Watch and learn as two pro writers create a song before your very eyes!

Is this the right course for me?

Everybody stands to gain something from this course:

Songwriters & musicians
Toplining is one of the most popular and lucrative songwriting techniques for songwriters in the music industry today.
This course is perfect for both budding or pro producers who want to learn how to support artists and songwriters in creating hit making songs that have the replay factor!

Frequently asked questions

What should I bring on the day?

There will be tons of information fired at you during the day so make sure you have something to make notes on.

Can I record the audio or video for the session?

No, recording is not allowed for IP reasons but we do encourage you to take as many notes as possible.

Do I need to bring an instrument?

No. There will be some practical elements throughout the day but no instruments will be required.

What if I can’t make it on the day?

Don’t worry we’ll be filming the entire day so you won’t miss out on a thing. The video will be available online a short while after the event itself and you will have lifelong access to it.

When will I receive Martin’s track to write a topline for?

Once you have registered you will be eligible to write a topline over a track created by Martin. We’ll send you the track a week before the course to give you plenty of time to hone your work. Record the song and bring in your mp3 on the day.

Killer Toplines

Hit Makers Guide To Killer Toplines

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