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Demo Production Bootcamp

Learn how to develop a flawless recording with our three-day long demo production bootcamp

Course Instructors

Martin Sutton

Head Course Instructor

tom gibson

sound recording tech wizard

paul herman

songwriter / producer
guest mentor


Darling Buds Farm, Bethersden, Ashford, Kent, TN26 3EQ

About the demo production bootcamp

Creating a high-quality demo is the first major milestone of any artist and the bread and butter of a producer looking to grow in the music industry. But with such heavy competition and with increasingly picky labels, how do you become the first choice?

This music production bootcamp is designed to open up the industry’s secrets of music production, giving you more opportunities to get where you want to be. Regardless of the music you produce, this intensive but fun music course will completely revolutionise the way you record and mix your music.

With simple techniques that make a huge difference, and with a special guest appearance from platinum-record-selling producer Paul Herman, you’ll be able to give your songs the professional treatment. Once completed, you’ll know how to create the music that record labels are looking for, and how to ensure they pick you above the competition.

Is this demo production bootcamp for me?

Songwriters and artists

One of the biggest hurdles facing songwriters and artists is not writing and performing music, but making a high-quality recording. This production bootcamp will remove that barrier to your success, teaching you the special techniques used by current music industry pros. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to refresh your demos, helping you catch the eyes (and ears) or the big labels.


Producing well requires technical and creative skill. This course teaches you both. Our industry professionals will give you the tips and tricks that will turn your demos and records into powerful, money-making opportunities. Since we work in the music industry ourselves, we stay up to date with all the most recent techniques, allowing us to teach them to you.

Do I need to bring anything?

You’ll need to bring the following:

  • A laptop with Logic Pro X or similar DAW fully installed
  • MIDI USB keyboard and cables
  • High-quality headphones
  • Power extension sockets

Please be aware, you’ll also need to have a good knowledge of Logic Pro X to get the most out of the course.

What will I learn on the demo production bootcamp?

  • How to plan and execute your productions to cut down on time spent
  • Essentials of great programming
  • How to get incredible vocals every time, regardless of the vocalist
  • How to mix tracks quickly and easily
  • How to save money by mastering your own tracks
  • How you can make money as a Song Academy producer

Course Structure

Day 1 – Creating killer tracks

  • Microphones, speakers, and audio cards: How to pick the right gear!
  • Knowing how it all works, including the dark art of compression
  • Planning your demo like a professional producer
  • Choosing the best instrumentation and plug-ins for your song
  • The power of the “Engine Room”
  • Recording live instruments so they sound incredible
  • How to give your song kick using dynamics and drama
  • Which plug-ins rule?
  • Preparing your track for the vocals

The art of vocal production

  • Setting up your recording chain
  • Choosing the right vocalist for your track
  • Perfect vocal settings
  • Deciding on a microphone and knowing why!
  • How to direct your vocalist so the vocal completely sells your song
  • How different voices can make your song hit or miss, and how to know the difference
  • How to compile and produce a perfect vocal performance
  • When and how to use backing vocals

Day 2 – Exclusive masterclass with industry professional Paul Herman

  • Preparing your tracks for mixing and mastering
  • How to approach your mix from the ground up
  • The secrets of using reverbs, delays and EQs
  • Three ways to give your chorus massive impact!
  • Smart editing
  • How to make your vocal track jump out without turning it up
  • Keeping your listeners glued to your song to the very end!
  • How to streamline your mixes with bus matching
  • The most simple and cost-effective ways to master your own tracks
  • How to make money as a producer

Demo Production Bootcamp

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