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Producer Masterclass Series: Paddy Byrne

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In this exclusive series of one-off, one day masterclasses, you’ll be learning invaluable production techniques and tips from multi-platinum award winning producers who will be sharing with you the secrets they use to create hit records.


Paddy Byrne is a multi million selling British songwriter, musician and producer known for working in a variety of genres with multi platinum and developing artists alike such as Snakehips, Paloma Faith, Ella Eyre, Tom Grennan, Olly Murs, Will Young, Gabrielle, Sinead Harnett, Daley, Devlin, Felon, Watermat, I Blame Coco and Mononoke.

His focus is always on the song, the artist’s vision and their vocal. He is as accomplished when writing and producing an entire song as he is writing lyrics and top line for other productions.

His experience as a lead singer and writer gives him a deep affinity with artists and a love of vocal expression and lyric.

He has written and produced many multi platinum selling songs and is currently working with a wide variety of established and up and coming artists, writers and producers.


  • How to make your recordings stand out from the crowd
  • How to approach, plan and visualise every recording so you always know what to do next
  • How to build your track from scratch
  • How to layer sounds to keep people listening all the way to the end of the song
  • How to find and create the right beats to make your track kick ass
  • Finding the best loops to give your track extra appeal
  • Using special FX to add that professional touch
  • How to make your choruses jump out of the speakers
  • Producing vocals that sound flawless
  • Where and how to use backing vocals for the maximum effect
  • Knowing when to stop adding instruments!
  • How to mix and master your track so it sounds like it’s already on the radio

You’ll also learn from the professionals how past hit records have been constructed from the ground up, which instruments were used, how the vocals were recorded and how they were mixed and mastered to go on to become massive hit records.

The Producer Masterclass Series is gold dust for anyone serious about learning how to produce records fit for the charts. Where else will you find advice from the very best except at The Songwriting Academy!


Everybody stands to gain something from this course:


Songwriters & Artists
who want to make killer demos of their songs to play to record labels and publishers so they will be seen as a serious contender
Professional songwriters
who want other artists to record their songs but need to know how to make their songs jump out of the speakers when listened to by publishers and record labels
who want to make a living charging for their work. The closer your recordings are to radio hits, the more in demand you will become and the quicker you’ll be winning your own multi-platinum awards!
Songwriting “hobbyists”
Music shouldn’t always be used purely to make money and we understand that, sometimes, you just want to play and produce music for the love of it. But you never know, you might be sitting on a hit song waiting to be discovered!


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