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Introduction To Songwriting – London – Course Gift Voucher

The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PP   View map
9:45am - 5pm

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Do you want to write classic hit songs that are known all around the world and that will generate royalties year after year?

This inspiring one day course will open your eyes to some remarkable techniques and approaches that will change the way you write songs. Forever.

Learn the simple tools and techniques that hit songwriters use to make their songs so strong the record labels have to say yes! You’ll also get an exclusive insight into how songwriters and artists get their music out there and listened to by the music business.

Your course will be taken by lead course instructor and founder of The Songwriting Academy, Martin Sutton, who has sold millions of records worldwide with artists that include LeAnn Rimes, Backstreet Boys and X-Factor/Idol winners from many countries.

Course Programme

  • Generating unique ideas for your song subject matter
  • The four strongest ways to connect with your audience
  • The three essential melodic forms that will transform your melodies
  • Keeping your listener listening to the very end of your song
  • How to create memorable and moving lyrics
  • How to fill your song with killer hooks
  • How to make money from songwriting
  • How to get your music out there
  • How to make sure A&R people will listen to and love your song
  • The most effective way to double your productivity
  • 7 common mistakes made by songwriters and how to avoid them


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