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Beatmaking Like A Pro: 1 Day Masterclass Webinar

in this one off LIVE masterclass webinar learn how to make the beats on your recordings sound like hits!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn beat making from industry renowned producer Justin Broad.


 The Phoenix, 37 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0PP

Course duration: 10:00am – 4:00pm

Course Instructors:

Justin Broad

What’s it all about?

Don’t miss this one-off chance to learn from top producer Justin Broad (Jessie J/Emilie Sande/Corinne Bailey Rae/Izzy Bizu) how to make the beats on your recordings sound like hits!

You’ll spend a day watching Justin walk you through his hit beat making techniques using Logic Pro X and his favourite third party plug ins – LIVE ON SCREEN IN FRONT OF YOU WITH LIVE COMMENTARY AND STEP BY STEP ADVICE.

Ask Justin…

Have your questions at the ready too as you’ll be able to interact live during the day, ensuring you walk away with all the answers you’ve probably been looking for for years to make your demos sound more current.

Don’t Miss A Thing…

Don’t worry if you can’t make the whole day or even any of it because we’re going to be recording the whole thing for you to watch any time you like, as many times as you like!

How Does The Webinar Work?

  1. Sign up for the Masterclass now
  2. We’ll send you an invitation to join the webinar and instructions on how to join
  3. On the day simply sign in and join the webinar
  4. Sit back with your mouth wide open as you discover the recording secrets you’ve been missing out on!

What Will I Learn On The Course?

  • How to create killer beats across multiple genres
    • Singer Songwriter
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Urban
    • EDM/Dance
  • How to use Logic Pro X samples to the max
  • Discovering Justin’s favourite third party plug ins
  • Layering drums – Secrets and Techniques
  • How to make your track jump out of the speakers and kick you in the head!
  • How to get Dynamics and excitement in to your percussion tracks
  • Customising your session template to Speed up your workflow
  • Building your own unique library of sounds
  • Channel strip setting and presets
  • Mixing drums
  • Bus compression (Glue for your mix)
  • Parallel Compression – what its for and how to use it
  • Using midi grooves
  • Quantise swings and templates
  • Working with Loops and Audio
  • Changing Time Signatures
  • And MUCH MORE…

Is The Course Right For Me?

New to track producing and can’t make your beats sound convincing?

Been making demos for a while and want to take them to the next level…the PRO level?

From beginner to advanced, everyone will benefit from learning the incredible secrets and techniques used on hit records made by the best producers in the world. Justin’s deep dive into betaking will give you simple, easy to follow advice that will transform your recordings.

Just starting out recording?
Find out how to create amazing home recordings with inexpensive software and simple step by step guidance from a pro who has learnt Logic Pro X from the ground up.
Want to get your songs released?
If you want your tracks to get noticed by publishers and record labels, they’re going to have to sound like the demos submitted by the pros. Don’t allow yourself to believe any music business executive will “hear through the demo” to a good song. That’s madness. Get your demos to the level that they jump out of the speakers every time and do your songs the justice they deserve.
Professional producers
Already produced a hit or two? Then you’ll know there’s always more to learn in this ever changing music industry. Keep up to date with your sounds, sample libraries and  styles, and don’t get left behind!
Recording “hobbyists”
Music shouldn’t always be used purely to make money and we understand that. Sometimes, you just want to make music for the love of it. If you’re in it for the love of the process alone, just one day with Justin will open your eyes to a whole new level of quality that will give you a brand new .

Beat Making Like A Pro: 1 Day Masterclass Webinar

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