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TSA Platinum Member Crispin Letts Secures Sync Deal

Only 3 months into the Platinum Mentoring Program, Crispin Letts has secured a sync deal for the theme song to new BBC 1 Series “Strike”.

Crispin joined us as a Platinum Member earlier this year and scheduled his first mentoring session with TSA Co-Founder, Martin Sutton, in May. “The Music Business is a business I don’t know very well ” he said, “so I joined TSA to meet and learn from successful people in the industry and to meet and write with fellow songwriters.”

A songwriter since the age of 16, Crispin, who plays guitar and piano, has been enjoying a successful career as an actor and drama teacher. He told us he’d never actually taken steps to exploit his music in any way until a friend told him .. “one thing’s for sure, if you don’t do something about it, you will NEVER make money from your songs!”

“It was all a very last minute thing” Crispin told us, “There were already two sets of lyrics and melody they were playing around with and everyone was agreeing that neither were strong. With three days to go before the recording deadline, my wife who is the executive producer asked me if I could have a go. I said I would try and knowing the scripts, the characters and the tone of the programme was immensely helpful. Both melody and lyrics came quickly, its wonderful and a bit mysterious when that happens isn’t it? Everyone seemed to like it and two days later there I was in the recording studio hearing the wonderful Beth Rowley sing my tune and words. Amazing!”

Crispin collaborated with Adrian Johnston, the series composer and they are already discussing possibilities of working on future collaborations.

Meanwhile , Crispin has joined PRS and is already receiving royalties! So what next? Well, right now he’s heading for the TSA Songwriting Retreat in Andalusia for a week of songwriting and collaboration.

Yet Another Incredible Success Story as a TSA Platinum Member.

Article appears courtesy of Songwriter News.