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The Art Of Pro Vocal Recording

In this one-off, vocal performance masterclasses video, learn invaluable performance

& recording techniques from renowned artist, songwriter and vocal coach Ivy Chanel.

Course Instructors

Ivy Chanel

In this one-off,  vocal performance masterclasses video, you’ll learn invaluable performance and recording techniques and tips from renowned artist, songwriter and vocal coach Ivy Chanel.

Why should I purchase this video?

Vocal is key! In today’s music business it’s crucial to have a high-quality vocal recording when submitting songs to the all-important decision makers in the music industry. In this groundbreaking  masterclass video you will learn how to prepare for, perform and record the best possible vocal performance to make your songs irresistible to artists, managers, labels, A&R and publishers alike.

What will I learn on the course?

We will cover Ivy Chanel’s incredible methodology on how to deliver world class vocals time after time:

1.) Identify your why

2.) How to prepare for the demo

3.) Master vocal recording preparation

4.) Studio session setup -microphone techniques

5.) Get your head in the game – recording time

6.) Express yourself– master recording vocals

7.) Evaluation of the overall performance

8.) Give yourself a high five!

Who is Ivy Chanel?

In her career so far Ivy Chanel has worked with an impressive list of people, as a performer and vocal tutor, most notably Simon Cowell who instantly became a fan of Ivy Chanel’s voice and her tutoring skills. Ivy Chanel has tutored and mentored X Factor hopefuls including Orise Williams (JLS), Britain’s Got Talent’s Anthony Duncan (Flawless), Missy Elliot’s Road to stardom’s Nyline Fields, Turkey’s The Voice 2013 finalist Ali Kose, Paloma Faith’s background singer Janelle Martin (Melodic Janelle) and Elisa ‘SCHMIDT’ a German Jazz, pop singer signed to Warner Music Germany, and the list continues.

Originally from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Ivy Chanel is currently residing in the UK. Ivy Chanel’s love of music and singing enables her to express her creative spirit. Her roots are in gospel, but she branched out into other genres such as soul, pop, hip-hop and singing in multiple languages. She started singing at the age of five and has developed into a phenomenal international artist, singer, entertainer, songwriter, producer, vocal coach, and author. Her ‘soulful’ voice memorizes audiences, by taking them on a captivating journey.  Her body of work is aimed to uplift and inspire others.

Ivy Chanel is no stranger to the UK music scene having won Best Compilation 2005 Award at the UMA’s (Ivy Chanel’s vocals feature on the lead single ‘It’s a Music Thing’ – Union Black). Ivy Chanel also released ‘Wind Blows’ in 2012 which hit number 1 on Amazon’s UK New Release Chart and was included on Giles Peterson’s infamous ‘Brownswood Bubbler Seven’ compilation album. Unique Groove Ft. Ivy Chanel “At Night” has position no. 17 on the Top 100 Charts

Ivy Chanel has toured the USA, UK, UAE, and Europe. To date, Ivy has performed for President Clinton, Tony Blair, and many other dignitaries, throughout the UK, USA, UAE and rest of Europe. She has performed as a featured and headliner act at The Ark Celebrity Fundraiser Gala as well at venues such as London’s Sadlers Wells Theatre, Café De Paris, The Jazz Café, The London Nottinghill Festival, The Global Gathering, 606 Jazz Venue, Lovebox Festivals and the list goes on. Ivy Chanel has shared the stage with Legendary artists such as Stevie Wonder, John Legend, MBE Omar Lye-Fook, Carl McIntosh, Roy Ayres, Mo Pleasure, Freedom of C + C Music Factory and her brother Hip Hop Legendary DJ Cash Money. Currently, she is one of the lead singers for C + C Music Factory alongside Freedom Williams in Europe/Asia territories, Mo Pleasure’s Band, Miss Hoodoo and The Delta Boys, The Milestones Band and The Ivy Chanel Band.

She loves her experiences of singing and performing and live out her dreams by helping and inspiring others to walk into their life purpose.

Other works of Ivy Chanel’s “Carried Away,” “April,” “At Night,” & “Wind Blows” are now available on Amazon, iTunes, and CD Baby. Her new vocal lesson book “You Better Sang – Beginners” and Album “Up in the Air” are scheduled to be released Spring/Summer 2018.

Is this the right course for me?

Everybody stands to gain something from this course:

Musicians with their own material
Even if you’re an accomplished recording artist or performer this masterclass will show you how to hone your skills and learn some brand new ones!
Even if you’re a songwriter that can’t/ doesn’t sing these techniques can be useful to know for attending studio sessions and producing your own demos.
This course is perfect for both budding or pro producers who want to record world class vocals and impressive demos from scratch.

Frequently asked questions

I can’t sing. Should I miss this course?

Not at all! Many extremely successful songwriters sing about as well as a pack of cats, but their ability to write killer hooks and stunning melodies has taken them extremely far in the industry. The key to songwriting is collaboration, so if you need a vocalist, you’ll find one!

Is this just for pop and chart music?

Absolutely not. We believe it’s essential that every songwriter and artist maintains their artistic integrity so the techniques we teach can be used on all styles of songwriting and composition. We’ll give you incredible musical tips that will make your vocal recordings stand out from the crowd.

The Art Of Pro Vocal Recording Masterclass

Art Of Pro Vocal Recording Masterclass – Online Video £147.00 +VAT

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