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Kickstart 555 runs May 23rd – 27th, 2022

8:00pm London | 3:00pm Eastern | 2:00pm Central | 12:00pm Pacific

Some areas of the world are in Daylight Saving Time so...


LIVE SESSIONS ONLY: So why no video replays?

This is a LIVE online course with REAL people, intended to kickstart YOUR songwriting.
Just like life, there are no replays so we either SHOW UP...or we miss out!

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Perfect, Let's Go!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Here are some thoughts from previous 555’ers

Did you know..?

In numerology the number 555 means that your life is about to change!

Count Me In!

You’re about to learn…

  • Igniting sparks and trusting hunches
  • How to start writing the moment you feel something
  • Honesty is the path to connection
  • Leapfrogging doubt
  • Trusting what you hear inside
  • How you can turn those killer ideas into multi million selling hits. And just in case you doubt yourself… yes, you can!
  • Dealing with self procrastination
  • Giving yourself permission to do this without self judgement
  • How to cure writers block forever
  • Working with song storyboards
  • The two simple secrets pro songwriters use every time they write
  • What pulls listeners into a song, and what keeps them there!
  • How to keep your songs 100% authentic while still allowing  them to ‘talk’ directly to the audience’s hearts
  • The importance of re-writing and how to do it without destroying your song!
  • Knowing when your song needs more work…and knowing when it is the best it can be
  • The easiest way to double your creative output and have more fun creating
  • How to write songs starting with the music
  • FEELING the music so you know what the lyric should be
  • How to write great songs even if you don’t play an instrument
  • Prosody – one of the most powerful techniques you can use
  • The three types of melody that will change the way you write FOREVER
  • How to take your listener on a musical rollercoaster
  • How write to beats someone else has made
  • Recording your songs so they kick ass
  • What kind of instrumentation should you use?
  • Why so many people don’t get their songs listened to…and how to make sure your songs do!
  • How to hire the right producers and how much to pay them
  • Working with session singers and musicians
  • How are the song splits worked out
  • Writing and recording for synchronisation
  • How to get your music out there
  • How to go pro with your songwriting
  • So you want a publishing deal?
  • Power players in the music business that you absolutely need to connect with, and how to find them
  • Why the right mental approach is everything (I’ll share mine with you)
  • The importance of staying clear of negative influences and toxic people



When each daily Kickstart 555 session ends we’ll make the recording of that session available to watch for 24 hours so you don’t have to miss a thing!

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Bonus free courses give-away!

We’ll be keeping an eye on the private community where you’ll be posting your assignments and we’ll be giving away free courses from The Songwriting Academy to those of you we believe have genuine passion and desire to do this. No catch…just free courses!

Not to name-drop but we’re kind of a big deal!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest stars but we get just as much of a buzz from helping aspiring songwriters just like you!

The Mentors

A message from The Songwriting Academy founder Martin Sutton

Are you ready to finally kickstart your songwriting for 2022 and do what you were born to do?

Welcome to the Kickstart 555 Challenge where in five days for 90 minutes a day, five hit songwriters are going to share some of the most mind-blowing secrets in the world of hit songwriting and give you  five fun assignments to really get you motivated.

These are LIVE and interactive sessions (not pre-recorded), with real-time daily assignments, and have been specially designed to get you back on the path you were always meant to be on.

So the choice is yours…you can keep doing what you’ve always done and hope for the best, or you can finally break free of your comfort zone and give yourself permission to take your music seriously.

See you soon on the 555 Challenge!!

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March 14th – 18th, 2022

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April 11th - 15th, 2022

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Don’t over-think it! All you need to bring is yourself, an open mind, an open heart, a big notebook and pen! And all we ask in return is when you have a monster hit on your hands, maybe give a shout out to The Songwriting Academy ; )

We want you to know how it feels to achieve the success you only dreamt of before. And we intend to show you that you can absolutely do it, no matter what your age or ability right now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every day you will join a LIVE 90 minute zoom session at 8PM London time. PLEASE CHECK YOUR TIME ZONE BEFORE YOU BOOK!
At the end of every session is a Q&A session where you will be able to ask your questions to the mentors. We aim to help you as much as we can this week.
Definitely! Ask us to tell you the time during the session if you want proof!
We'll be setting assignments at the end of each session, most of which are solo, but if you want to work in groups that's great too!
Absolutely! The techniques we teach are professional, but delivered in a way that you will see immediate progress in your songwriting.
The assignments we set you are simple, fast and easy but VERY effective, and will challenge you in new ways to show you how you can become a professional songwriter with the right approach.
Not at all. Just show up with an open mind, heart and a willingness to try new things. No other preparation is needed!
Nope. Although you are very welcome to post your songs in the 555 group in our community for peer to peer feedback.
Yes you really should. The smartest songwriters we know are always open to learning new skills and reminding themselves of skills they may have forgotten, even when they've been in the business for decades. If you think you know everything there is to know...we suggest doing another job!
No! Whether you write lyrics, music, sing, produce or simply come up with amazing concepts, you are all songwriters. Let us explain to you how in the Kickstart 555 Challenge.
Check your emails! We'll be sending you instructions on how to join the course, plus reminders closer to the course start!
This is a LIVE online course with REAL people, intended to kickstart YOUR songwriting. Just like life, there are no replays so we either SHOW UP...or we miss out!
Please check your spam and junk boxes. Once you find our email and tell your email system we are not junk you should receive everything after that. If there is nothing in spam or junk and you are worried, please email [email protected]
Once you have enrolled in the course, create a profile in our community which you can access from the front page of our website. We'll then be able to add your to the private 555 group.
No, its a private 555 group in our community where access is only given to students on the course. Everything you post will be invisible to people outside of the course.
If you can't make the times, please email [email protected] and let her know what time zone you are in. If we have enough demand from your time zone, we will hold a Kickstart for that area.
Once you have enrolled in the course, you will be automatically added to private areas of the website and given special login details for the course. As such, no refunds may be given.

*Although we’ve never had to do it, The Songwriting Academy does reserve the right to change guest panellists if we really have to.